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Dr. Waesche is not only a doctor, he is an artist. I don’t think anyone could tell I had this procedure even if I told them. I am 10 months out and my barber comments everytime I get a cut how natural my hair looks. The main reason I chose PAI is because I was confident it was going to look natural and be permanent.

— Mark Holzer; Kennersville, NC
PAI Indiana

All Hair Transplants are guaranteed to grow following the operation, provided that the patient followed all pre and postoperative instructions.

If certain hairs failed to grow and the patient has met these conditions, PAI Medical Group of Indiana will re-transplant the missing hairs free of charge during a subsequent session.

To ensure these conditions are met, it is highly recommended that the patient follow a postoperative treatment program, not only to reinforce the newly transplanted hairs but also to help maintain the original ones.