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Five Things You Should Know About Hair Transplants

Don Fischer Five Things You Should Know About Hair Transplants

When you’re considering a hair transplant, you want to know all the details. Will you need multiple procedures? Is it effective? Is it expensive? How long will recovery take? These are all questions we get when meeting with clients.


Check out these things you should know about hair transplants and get the answers you need:

1. We can transplant more hair in a single session compared to traditional procedures.

Traditional hair transplant methods (like micro and follicular unit grafting) often require two or three procedures. This is because they’re transplanting less hair per graft.


With Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™, we can transplant up to three times the amount of hair in a single session versus these traditional procedures. This makes it a great option for those with moderate to advanced hair loss. Not to mention, it’s why so many of our clients only require one procedure.

2. Our Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure reduces the number of procedures required.

Because Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ isn’t one-size-fits-all, we can customize each procedure to fit your areas of concern and your hair type, so you get results with better density and a more natural look. In fact, 80% of our clients receive just one transplant.

3. Recovery typically takes about 10 days.

During the first 10 days, clients are asked to limit demanding physical activity to prevent any disruptions in the healing process. Our team can help you understand what exactly that means for your lifestyle.


As long as your job isn’t physically demanding, you can return to work just a few days after the procedure. A hat or light makeup can help cover any pinkess or scabbing you might experience.


The sutures will be removed near the 10-day mark, which is the end of the recovery process. At this point, you’re able to return to any physical activity you did before the transplant.


Within 3-5 months, clients begin to see regrowth. The number of new hairs will continue to increase for 12 months.

Five Things You Should Know About Hair Transplants crown alex fortey

Hair transplant results over the course of one year.

4. Hair transplants can be affordable.

We don’t charge per graft. Instead, we evaluate the coverage needed and the tissue in the donor area. Then, we develop a custom plan to help you get the most coverage for the best cost. Because our innovative treatments reduce the number of procedures clients need, it also reduces the overall cost.


We even offer low monthly payment options, so you can look and feel your best and keep your budget in mind.

5. An additional treatment or procedure can help you get better results.

Transplanted hair is permanent, but it takes work to maintain non-transplanted hair. So, while many clients achieve their desired results after just one Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure, the improvement doesn’t have to stop there.


Maintaining and enhancing your non-transplanted hair often requires using the correct products, supplements, or treatments. Our consultants can help create a plan to keep your transplanted and non-transplanted hair looking great.


Our clinic director, Darren, is a great example of someone who has maintained a full head of hair 15+ years after one Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure. He continues to use proven hair restoration products and treatments to achieve and maintain his amazing results.


Five Things You Should Know About Hair Transplants

You deserve to have all your questions answered when you’re considering a hair transplant. These five things can help you understand what to expect from the procedure and our experienced team.

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