Restore your natural appearance with our remarkable, affordable and effective hair loss treatment!

Hair loss on the top of the head, otherwise known as androgenetic alopecia, is a progressive, degenerative problem that results in the loss of hair on the scalp and affects both the physical and emotional well-being. Without treatment, alopecia can become a cyclical concern that could cause hair loss over several years.

At PAI Medical Indiana, we use a remarkable hair transplant procedure for the scalp known as Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™, a safe and effective hair loss treatment that will restore a natural appearance.

  • Reduces procedures and maximizes results (more hair can be transplanted per procedure meaning fewer procedures).
  • Results in a natural appearance – NO “pluggy” or “doll hair” look.
  • Is a lower cost per hair transplanted, maximizing results and affordability.
  • Is a safe and effective procedure trademarked by PAI Medical.

While certain people may not be candidates for hair transplantation, with new harvesting techniques and our unique process for treating hair loss, the number of candidates for hair transplants is increasing every year.

Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ is an innovative hair restoration procedure trademarked by PAI Medical, empowering our hair loss patients with a completely natural result by transplanting up to three times the amount of hair in a single session. Compared to older and more time-intensive treatments, Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ is an outpatient procedure utilizing a blend of different hair groupings (grafts) that are moved, or redistributed, according to the natural way in which they exist. By transplanting more hair in a single session, we reduce cost, recovery time and the number of sessions required to see results.


At PAI Medical Indiana, our doctors create a natural hairline that is both age and gender specific, and matches our patients’ unique needs today and in the years to come.


To learn more about our hair transplant procedure and other hair loss treatments, call us at (888) 724-5106 or schedule a free consultation with one of our medical professionals.


Watch PAI Medical patient Todd Holzer discuss his own hair transplant and experience with PAI Medical Group of Indiana.


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