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Is it possible to restore your natural hairline and appearance without undergoing a daunting number of hair transplant procedures? Is it effective? Is it expensive? How long will recovery take?

These are all valid questions that we hear often from our patients during private consultations. Why don’t we just jump right in and address five important items you should know about hair transplants at PAI Medical Indiana:

  1. Hair loss on the top of the head (scalp) is most commonly known as alopecia.
  2. Our trademarked Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure actually reduces cost and number of procedures required to achieve results (typically three to five hours to complete).
  3. We can transplant up to three times the amount of hair in a single session versus traditional hair transplant procedures.
  4. We offer low monthly payment options, and again, our innovative treatments actually reduce the number of procedures required, so cost is reduced as well.
  5. Recovery typically takes around 10 days (suture is removed at this time). New hair will see regrowth typically within 3-5 months.

Obviously, every hair transplant is unique because every patient and hair loss concerns are unique as well. Remember, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step, so you can rest assured that all of your questions will be answered.

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