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Why is waiting to do something about hair loss a bad idea? In a word: Progression. Stop hair loss before it gets too far. Miniaturized hairs are a telltale sign of advancing hair loss. Without a proactive treatment, many miniaturized hairs will fall out prematurely a never return.

Studies show that many people lose 50% of their hair before actually noticing that they've lost any hair at all.

These pictures show the progression of untreated hair loss in one short year. These photos document hair loss that could have been prevented.

PAI uses video microscopy to identify the presence of miniaturized hairs, low hair density, problematic skin conditions, and other factors that contribute to thinning hair. Once a patient's hair health has been analyzed, recommendations can be made as to the best solution for hair loss management and hair restoration.

There are several FDA-approved and clinically proven nonsurgical options to combat the negative effects of genetic hair loss, such as low-level laser therapy (LLLT), and enhanced plasma therapy. In addition to preventative solutions, PAI offers hair restoration solutions as well. Just because you've let your hair loss go on longer than you should have doesn't mean you can't once again have a full head of hair.

We'd love to send you more information, or set you up to meet with one of our trained professionals to discuss your concerns and hair loss treatment options.