Question #1 – Does it hurt?

People tend to notice little to no discomfort during the actual procedure. This is in direct contrast to the old methods of yesteryear when modern pain-management techniques were more archaic and less efficient. The medical advancements in today’s pain-management techniques ensure a comfortable and pleasing experience for a person undertaking a hair-transplant procedure.

A mild sedative is given before the procedure to help ease any apprehensiveness or nervousness. Local anesthetic is also administered in the area that the procedure is performed, although there usually is no feeling as a result of the previously administered sedative.

Some occasional mild sensitivity can be experienced on the night of the procedure in the donor area. A prescription for a pain reliever is given to most patients, but simple over-the-counter medicine usually will take care of what is only a temporary discomfort for most people.

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  1. LF says:

    I had zero pain during and after the ARTAS procedure. Great job!

  2. DM says:

    No pain during the procedure. The first couple of nights I had to adjust to sleep in a recliner with a neck pillow. My best friend became my shower as I would stand below a steady stream of water hitting my scalp to help the very small scabs come off.

  3. Ian says:

    The procedure itself doesn’t. I don’t even remember it to be honest but that is just a normal effect of the drug they use. After the procedure, I think I used 2 pain pills they prescribed and the rest of the recovery was just Ibuprofen and ice.

  4. J Brown says:

    The procedure was painless for me (local anesthetic). The pain afterwards was easily managed with the medicine prescribed for the first 2 days and Ibuprophen did the trick after that.

  5. craig says:

    I was sedated during the entire procedure, so it was pain-free. The sutured area of the donor site had some pressure and pain that was well-controlled with frequent ice and some occasional pain meds. The area that the hairs were grafted did not hurt.

  6. Brian says:

    There was no pain during the procedure. I had some swelling around my eyes for a couple of days and tenderness around the harvest area for a while, but the discomfort didn’t even warrant a Tylenol.

  7. Greg C says:

    There was no pain during the procedure at all. Plus I had a Physician friend of mine have a procedure with PAI so I knew what to expect. The Dr and team made me very comfortable and it was a good experience.

  8. Andy says:

    I experienced no pain during the procedure and only slight irritation in the following few days. The staff at PAI is very professional and does a great job of explaining the process and expectations prior to the surgery.

  9. Rick Hesterberg says:

    I was extremely relaxed during the procedure and there was no pain. PAI’s team did a thorough job of explaining all the details of the procedure (step-by-step), so there were no surprises which I appreciated. The team also checked in with me the night after procedure and examined me the very next morning. I traveled about 325 miles to have this done by PAI. I did my homework before making this decision which included discussions with other hair replacement companies. PAI gave me more for my money and the experience was first-class!

  10. Rod says:

    The procedure was a pain free experience and the Dr and medical team put me completely at ease. After the procedure the PAI staff took me to a nearby hotel, called to check on my status that evening, and picked me up in the morning. I went back to the clinic and they checked the area that was transplanted….. I felt really good about the entire experience.

  11. Will says:

    During the procedure, there was zero pain at all and truth be told for the next day or two, there wasn’t either. Going onto the third and fourth day, there was a little bit of discomfort but never really any pain to speak of. The procedure is not very invasive. After the procedure I just made sure that I slept in a recliner for a few days to make sure that I did not hit the grafts that were implanted and also to make sure the swelling stayed to a minimum.

  12. Scott says:

    There was no pain during the procedure and I had mild discomfort for a couple days after the procedure. I slept in a recliner with a neck pillow, the first night, to keep pressure off my head. I also had slight numbness for a time but that is now gone.

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