Question #1 – Does it hurt?

People tend to notice little to no discomfort during the actual procedure. This is in direct contrast to the old methods of yesteryear when modern pain-management techniques were more archaic and less efficient. The medical advancements in today’s pain-management techniques ensure a comfortable and pleasing experience for a person undertaking a hair-transplant procedure.

A mild sedative is given before the procedure to help ease any apprehensiveness or nervousness. Local anesthetic is also administered in the area that the procedure is performed, although there usually is no feeling as a result of the previously administered sedative.

Some occasional mild sensitivity can be experienced on the night of the procedure in the donor area. A prescription for a pain reliever is given to most patients, but simple over-the-counter medicine usually will take care of what is only a temporary discomfort for most people.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I did not feel a thing during the procedure. I was very comfortable for the whole thing. . After the procedure, it was nothing that a little medication and ice packs couldn’t fix.

  2. Ray Anderson says:

    No pain in grafted area. Slight discomfort in the area where the hair was removed. Everything was very easy.

  3. Allen C. says:

    Not as much as you would think. Much easier than expected.

  4. J.K. says:

    There was some slight discomfort the day of the procedure. I felt some tightness in the back of my head as well. I was easily able to manage the discomfort with a cold compress.

  5. Kevin Link says:

    I did not experience any pain during the procedure.

  6. Tony M. says:

    Not for me. I only took tylenol but i had stronger stuff if i needed it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    There is some slight discomfort in that first 2-3 days but it wasn’t an issue.

  8. Anonymous says:

    There was slight discomfort in the first few days.

    Well worth the time, the small inconvenience, and the money.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I had 2-3 days of light discomfort but nothing that was not manageable.

  10. G.P. says:

    At first i had some mild pain for a couple of days.

  11. B. J. says:

    No pain, never used any painkillers. It was sore but never painful.

  12. Jay P. says:

    There is no pain involved. Start to finish you won’t feel a thing.

  13. Anonymous says:

    There was no discomfort during the procedure. I had a little bit afterwards as the scalp healed.

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