Question #3 – How natural are the results?

Today’s modern hair transplantation techniques are totally natural. The older “plug” or “corn row” type procedures are no longer commonplace. The key to a natural result is tailoring the procedure to the hair type and needs of the individual. In doing so, it is common to use a number of different graft types in any one procedure. The technology used at PAI, Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™, allows such a blend of graft types. This represents a huge jump forward from the cookie cutter approach and ensures a natural and aesthetically pleasing result. It’s also one reason PAI Medical is considered a hair growth and hair restoration expert.

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  1. Ian says:

    It looks like I never lost my hair. I’ve had so many comments of ”Oh wow I didn’t know you had hair” or ”I really love your hair color!” Since they harvest it from you there is next to no chance of rejection and the doctors do such a wonderful job of sketching out a hair line that looks very natural for your individual face. You wash it, cut it, mess it up, color it, whatever it’s attached to you and looks great.

  2. Jim says:

    The results are very natural looking. I had a receding hairline filled in and nobody would ever know I had this procedure done. It is such a great feeling to be able to style my hair again. All it takes is a visit to PAI and with time and patience you could have your life changed for the better.

  3. Ryan S. says:

    My hair line was bought down and my results are completely natural. Even with my very dark hair no one can tell transplants from the hair that wasnt transplanted.

  4. Justin Anderson says:

    The hair i have is very natural because well, its my own hair.

  5. John Ahalt says:

    The ARTAS robotic gave me very natural FUE results. You cannot tell whats transplanted from what was already up there! Nothing like the older unnatural looking procedures id hear about.

  6. Tom Bakken says:

    Very. All my family and friends say it looks natural. They are as amazed as I am.

  7. LF says:

    I would say that the results of the ARTAS procedure feels very natural and good. The hair texture and color seem a bit different, but love the results.

  8. AA says:

    One of my original concerns as well… I knew, with modern technique, that the “plug” look wasn’t a possibility but I did wonder if it would appear as if I had a sudden “Wall of Hair” at my hair line. That was not the case at all – the grafts were place in such a way that the hair line looks natural for my age.

  9. DM says:

    The results are very natural. Before I had the procedure I was always under a baseball cap. Now I want people to see my hair. Very happy with my look!

  10. J Brown says:

    The most crucial part in looking natural is the front hairline. The MUHG procedure offered by PAI has the most natural looking results that I’ve seen. Nobody even knows I’ve had a procedure!

  11. craig says:

    The look is completely natural. When I tell people that I have had a hair transplant, they don’t even believe me. Those who have known me for a long time think it looks great!

  12. Brian says:

    The results are completely natural. There are only two people that I have told that I had a transplant. One was my hairstylist. Should wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t told her!

  13. Andy says:

    The transplanted hair is your own, so it blends naturally – color and texture. About three months post procedure is when I started to notice the results.

  14. Rick Hesterberg says:

    Everything about the new look is totally natural looking since it is my own hair. PAI did a great job of counseling and laying out a plan so when my new multi grafts came in, I had the same look from 20 years prior which was what I wanted.

  15. Will says:

    Because the hair that is transplanted is your own hair, it looks just like the rest of my hair. When I see people that I have not in a long time, they see that my hair has gotten thicker and that it looks healthier than ever, but when I tell them that it was due to having a hair transplant, they are in disbelief because it looks so natural. The doctor at PAI is very talented and very cognoscente about following a natural hairline, which ensures this natural look.

  16. Scott says:

    The results after the procedure look the same as the original hair you have. It took about 4 months after the procedure for the transplanted hair to be at the length I keep my hair and it looks amazing.

  17. Tanner says:

    The results of the procedure look like your natural hair. However, you must remain patient during the first couple months of the procedure before the newly placed grafts will start to grow after which they will look totally natural.

  18. Jeff R says:

    This was one of my top questions as well before I had the procedure. Searching the internet didn’t help matters much because, let’s face it, you can find positive and negative about anything on the internet if you search long enough. I just put a little faith into PAI Indy and I am so glad that I did. Everything that Darren told me was 100% accurate and the results have exceeded my expectations in every way possible.

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