Question #3 – How natural are the results?

Today’s modern hair transplantation techniques are totally natural. The older “plug” or “corn row” type procedures are no longer commonplace. The key to a natural result is tailoring the procedure to the hair type and needs of the individual. In doing so, it is common to use a number of different graft types in any one procedure. The technology used at PAI, Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™, allows such a blend of graft types. This represents a huge jump forward from the cookie cutter approach and ensures a natural and aesthetically pleasing result. It’s also one reason PAI Medical is considered a hair growth and hair restoration expert.

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  1. Randy P. says:

    My results are very natural. My friends have noticed and comment that i look healthier and more vibrant.

  2. Ryan Hussy says:

    Completely natural. My friends only know i had it done because I told them all!

  3. Kevin says:

    Absolutely so natural, you can’t see plugs or anything. No one even knows i had it done unless I tell them. My hair looks so full.

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