Question #4 – Are the results permanent?

This is another common question and concern for people seeking hair transplantation as a solution to thinning hair and loss of hair. Providing that an individual is a candidate, the results are most typically permanent for the remainder of one’s life. This is because the hair in the back area of the head is resistant to the DHT hormone that most commonly causes hairs in other areas to be lost. This DHT-resistant hair maintains that resistance for the rest of your life no matter where it is located on the head. This means that it is also permanent when it is transplanted to the new areas.

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  1. Ryan S. says:

    I have seen no loss of the transplanted hair which i am told is what should be the case because the hair is genetically permanent.

  2. Justin Anderson says:

    The results appear to be permanent. It is your own hair and the follicles are resistant to the damage cause in the hair loss areas.

  3. Tom Bakken says:

    I am no longer losing any hair. Since the hair transplants came from my own head from below the male pattern baldness zone, this new hair is permanent!

  4. LF says:

    Still TBD with time. But very happy with the results 1 year after the ARTAS Robotic procedure.

  5. DM says:

    13 months in so for so good! I’ve gotten many compliments on my hair in the past few months.

  6. Ian says:

    As far as I know yes. I am doing some things for my hair that wasnt transplanted, so i can keep that, but from what I understand the transplanted hair is permanent and will stay securely on my head.

  7. J Brown says:

    I am 1 year post-procedure and everything is going great. Following Darren’s recommendations, I continue to use laser treatment and Rogaine as well for maintenance of what was not transplanted. So far so good!

  8. craig says:

    Yes, the results are permanent.

  9. Brian says:

    Yes, I believe the results are permanent. I’m five months out and my transplanted hair is growing and thriving.

  10. Andy says:

    I am confident that the transplanted hair is permanent. It has been 7 months and the results continue to improve.

  11. Rick Hesterberg says:

    It has been a year and a half since my procedure and I am very satisfied with my results. I had a tremendous amount of thinning on the top of my crown. PAI restored my crown with thick hair and a good plan going forward to maintain my hair. It was exciting to watch the growth of my new hair. For me its about quality of life and I will never regret making this decision.

  12. Will says:

    I am 8 months out and so-far-so-good! The hair that was transplanted feels and is stronger than ever. I do not see my hair going anywhere anytime soon. This was one of the best choices I have made for myself.

  13. Scott says:

    It has been just over a year after my procedure and my transplanted hair looks just like the rest of my original hair. I was losing my hair in the front and on top. I now have hair like I did approximately 15 years ago. I would definitely recommend doing this to anyone that is having thoughts about their hair loss like I was.

  14. Jeff R says:

    I think the best part about having a hair transplant is that the results are permanent. Going through the process is pretty easy and knowing that you won’t have to worry about losing this hair again is awesome!

  15. Jeff says:

    Yes, it has only been 5 months since my procedure.

  16. Sean says:

    My hair looks amazing and it is most certainly here to stay. I had started balding from the front which is what was addressed with the procedure. The days of looking in the mirror with despair as my hairline recedes more and more each day are nothing more than a bad memory.

  17. C says:

    Im 1 year post surgery, my hair is long, natural looking, and growing better than ever! I know I’ll have this hair forever, and its an amazing feeling!

  18. boiler says:

    I used to leave a trail of hair, between my desk at work and my bathroom sink. Now no trace of hair falling out.

  19. Sam says:

    Yes! It’s been about 15 months, and “the hair is there.” The timing PAI gives you is a great guideline.

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