Question #4 – Are the results permanent?

This is another common question and concern for people seeking hair transplantation as a solution to thinning hair and loss of hair. Providing that an individual is a candidate, the results are most typically permanent for the remainder of one’s life. This is because the hair in the back area of the head is resistant to the DHT hormone that most commonly causes hairs in other areas to be lost. This DHT-resistant hair maintains that resistance for the rest of your life no matter where it is located on the head. This means that it is also permanent when it is transplanted to the new areas.

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  1. Jay P. says:

    After 13 months, I haven’t noticed any signs of losing the new hair. I would say it’s permanent!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes. My transplants are permanent plus the existing hair, thanks to the proper up-keep assigned by the professionals at PAI, is also looking great.

  3. J.S. says:

    Yes, it has been a full year now and the transplanted hair is permanent.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So far so good at the one year mark.

  5. Joe Bergen says:

    Yes, the results are permanent. The hair on the back and the sides are genetically permanent hair.

  6. Steve M. says:

    Yes, genetically permanent hair.

  7. J.C. says:

    Yes, has been a year now and my hair is doing well, looking much better than before.

  8. Jeff Williams says:

    Yes, the hair that was transplanted is permanent because the hair that was used from the back is resistant to hair loss. It’s simply moving that hair to replace the hair that has fallen out on top.

  9. T.M. says:


  10. Jeff Cook says:

    Yes. Its been one year and they seem to be permanent.

  11. Dan Way says:

    Yes! The transplanted hair is immune to the male pattern baldness and should stick around forever.

  12. James Canady says:

    Yes. Its my real hair. The grafts are taken from the areas that are resistant to hair loss.

  13. Jean-Paul Etienne says:

    Yes, absolutely. I am a Physician and when my patient’s see me they ask me what i had done, they cannot believe how great it looks!

  14. Alec Stephens says:

    It was explained to me before the procedure that the hair that is taken from the back of my head is genetically permanent and will remain this way in the new area it is placed. I have no reason to think its not permanent 12 months out from the procedure

  15. Randy P. says:

    My results have been permanent and i have had no loss of the transplanted grafts.

  16. Ryan Hussy says:

    Its been 2 years since the first of my 2 procedures and my hair looks great. Its still early but i have no reason to think it wont be permanent.

  17. Kevin says:

    My results are definitely 100% amazing! I have had it cut and styled multiple times in the one year. It looks so full.

  18. Karl Jerome says:

    My results are solid and can be cut, combed, and styled any way I choose.

  19. Karl Jerome says:

    Multi unit grafting uses your own hair which is carefully transplanted to areas of hair loss. The hair looks and feels natural because it is your own hair.

  20. Ian says:

    I’ve only had my procedure approximately 1 year ago but yeah I’d say it’s permanent. I’ve shaved it down for when I go do my military weekends then 2 weeks later I’m back to a wonderful full growth up top. The real-life problem now is to find a barber.

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