Question #5 – The Benefits of PAI’s Multi-Unit Hair Grafting Procedure?

MUHG, or Multi-Unit Hair Grafting ™, is so sought after because it delivers a natural result, giving more hair volume or coverage than more traditional methods such as Follicular Unit Grafting alone.

In cases where procedures are done entirely with Follicular Unit grafting techniques, more of the hairs that are in the resting or Telogen phase are actually dissected out from around the base of the graft and discarded. In addition many more hairs die from hair bulb transection. This is when the hair bulb is damaged or killed with the surgical instrument.

At any given time, only between 40 or 60 percent of your hair is visible and growing. The rest of it is in a Telogen (resting) phase and cannot be seen by the naked eye. Using Micro or Follicular grafting techniques, where only single hair grafts are used, will actually dissect out a lot of this resting hair. With Follicular Unit transplants, over the course of the next 12 to 18 months that it takes to get your final result, you will actually lose a lot of the hair that you had transplanted. With the Multi-Unit Hair Grafting ™ technique, the net effect is that is that you receive more hair per session and more of that hair survives. For the patient, this means the very best possible result in the shortest possible time combined with the most cost-effective investment. In short, the patient wins … guaranteed.

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  1. LF says:

    I had the ARTAS Robotic procedure and it was incredibly easy to go through, amazing technology. I only wished I would have done the largest procedure possible!

  2. Ian says:

    Simply they can take more hair from your donor site and at the same time place it into the area being covered. You’ll get more hair in one shot than any other procedure and that will help to make the transition more natural in appearance. I’ve had nothing but compliments about my hair since. Those that have known me for several years are just shocked when I take my hat off now.

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