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Some of Indy's most trusted names have come to us for hair restoration solutions. See our list of VIPs below.

Tony Vanetti

Tony Vanetti is a lifetime resident of Louisville and the host of The Tony & Dwight Show on 840WHAS. In March 2022, Tony underwent a Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant procedure, check out his page to watch his 12 month journey.

Class 5 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

Rajeev Ram

Rajeev Ram is an American professional tennis player who has earned the 2020 Australian Open men’s doubles title, 2019 Aussie Open mixed doubles title, 21 ATP Tour titles, an Olympic silver medal and many other accolades. Not only is he an outstanding tennis player, but he's also the founder of EntouRaj for Kids. 

Class 5 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

Rick DeMulling

Indianapolis’ Rick DeMulling had a flourishing career as a professional football player for 7 years.

Class 5 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

Alex Fortey

Alex Fortey is a content creator and YouTube star. His channel The Art of Simple Golf has over 150k subscribers and counting. The goal of The Art of Simple Golf is to teach his subscribers how to golf with simple methods, simple drills. He breaks down the game into tips that actually work, giving his subscribers freedom in their gold swing. He wants his subscribers playing more consistent golf, hitting longer drives, shooting lower scores, and overall just feeling better about their golf game again. Alex had our trademarked Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant procedure. On this page, you can follow his progress from day one through to his final results. Stay tuned for updates on Alex’s journey!

Class 5 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

Don Fischer

Don Fischer, the voice of Indiana University basketball and football since 1973, is one of the most well-known sportscasters in the Hoosier state. Among his many accolades, he has won Indiana’s Sports Announcer of the Year 29 times.

Class 5 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

Benedict Polizzi

Benedict Polizzi is getting a hair transplant! Years after his first hair transplant procedure, he started losing his non-transplanted hair and came back for a second procedure to add density.

Class 1 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

Dave Furst

Dave Furst is revving up for hair restoration.. again! Recently, he has noticed that he is losing more of his non-transplanted hair and reached out to us about getting a second procedure. We are honored that he has chosen We Grow Hair Indy once again to put his best face, and hair, forward for his exciting new chapter in the motor racing industry.

Class 5 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

Dwight Witten

Dwight Witten has been on the air in the Louisville market for 25 years. His on-air persona is an unfiltered good old boy from Dixie Highway on the Southside of Louisville with a colorful bourbon-and-cigarettes tone. Dwight came to us all the way from Louisville, KY because he knew we were known for our natural-looking results.

Class 4 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

Barry Krauss

Barry Krauss is taking a goal line stand on hair loss! Barry Krauss, retired professional football player, radio analyst, and broadcasting veteran, is starting his hair restoration journey with We Grow Hair Indy! He was searching for the best procedure possible for him to experience a large amount of hair growth in one procedure, and he found it!

Class 5 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed, radio host on WZPL Smiley Morning Show, came to us to restore her damaged hair. Her hair was starting to become thin and fine because of all the coloring she’s done to her hair. Nikki took a global approach to her treatment plan, and elected to utilize our FDA approved laser hair therapy, PRP (platelet rich plasma), hair and scalp products, and scalp treatments.

Class 1 - Laser Hair Therapy, Enhanced Plasma Therapy

Jjanga Horne

Jjanga is an international curve model, beauty influencer, avid traveler, wife and mom to 3 kids! After giving birth to her 3rd child she wanted to prevent the post-partum hair loss that she experienced with her first two, reduce the hair loss she was experiencing from the stress of traveling, and is in the process of growing out a pixie cut. She will be doing Laser Hair Therapy and Vitti Pure to pevent post-partum hair loss and kickstart her hair growth!

Class 1 - Laser Hair Therapy, Proven Hair Loss Treatments

Ann Richards

Ann Richards, radio personality from B105.7, first noticed her hair loss when her part started to get wider and wider. She started treatments with Transitions Indy in hopes of filling out her part and thickening her hair. Ann was one of the first to try our exciting Extracellular Vesicles Treatments.

Class 4 - Proven Hair Loss Treatments


JMV from 1070 The Fan is a well known local sports radio personality.

Class 2 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

Brad Holtz

Brad Holtz is a 23-year veteran of central-Indiana radio, currently serving as President and General Manager of Adult Alternative WTTS/Indianapolis (92.3 FM), News-Talk WGCL/Bloomington (1370 AM, 98.7 FM), Classic Rock WTTS-HD2 “The Quarry”/Bloomington (96.1 FM), and ST Digital.

Class 5 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

Paul Poteet

Paul Poteet (Mister Weatherman) has worked with several large networks such as WISH-TV, WTHR, WZPL, as well as 13 years as a cast member on the 99.5FM Smiley Morning Show.

Class 3 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™


Crate is a well known afternoon radio host at Alt 103.3FM.

Class 3 - ARTAS Robotic FUE


Don Stuck is a full time radio host for Q95 and 97.5 Fox Sports along side his partner in crime, Gunner.

Class 5 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™


As one of the leading and highest profile radio DJs in Indiana Dave “Gunner” Gundaker, of “Q95” and “Stuck & Gunner” fame, is one of the most well known voices in radio.

Class 5 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

Kevin Freeman

Kevin is a well known country DJ for WFMS 95.5 FM in the mornings and is a co-host for Jim, Deb & Kevin Morning show since 1990.

Class 3 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

Jeff Brummett

Jeff serves his clients by growing and preserving their wealth and we’re going to do the same by growing and preserving his hair! Jeff is known for founding Green Line Financial Services and the Retire Safe Radio Adviser Network, and as an Amazon #1 best selling author of The Worthless IRA.

Class 5 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™