Ann Richards restored her hair!

Ann Richards, radio personality from B105.7, first noticed her hair loss when her part start to get wider and wider. She started treatments with We Grow Hair Indy in hopes of filling out her part and thickening her hair. Ann was one of the first to try our exciting new treatment called Extracellular Vesicles Treatments. Her results have been incredible, she is so happy to have her hair back again!

Follow his journey.

Ann Richards shares her personal testimony after her hair restoration treatments at We Grow Hair Indy. Her results are incredible!

After Treatment

Look at that increase in fullness! Before, Ann's hair was thin and becoming lifeless. Now, Ann's hair has undergone a full transformation thanks to our hair restoration treatments. Her hair is now healthier, thicker and full of life!

After Treatment

Ann's hair growth has been amazing! She no longer has to try and manipulate her part to hide her thinning hair.

After Treatment

Ann was suffering from female pattern baldness, also known as female androgenetic alopecia. It is similar to male pattern baldness, but the hair loss typically occurs along the part and top of the head.

Before Treatment