Barry Krauss is taking a goal line stand on Hair Loss

Barry Krauss, retired professional football player, radio analyst, and broadcasting veteran, is starting his hair restoration journey with We Grow Hair Indy! Barry played college football at the University of Alabama for the legendary coach Paul "Bear" and played professionally for a total of 12 seasons. He spent 10 seasons in Indianapolis, and 2 in Miami. Barry’s career has continued to develop ever since he retired from playing, he is now a commentator for the professional football team in Indianapolis, a Real Estate Broker, and an artist! Over the last few years he has noticed a considerable amount of thinning on the top of his head, and sought out We Grow Hair Indy for his hair restoration needs. He was searching for the best procedure possible for him to experience a large amount of hair growth in one procedure, and he found it! We are so excited to share his journey, follow along for his results!

Follow his journey.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to get a Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant? Now you know! Barry's hair transplant was a great success and he is going to have so much more density in the areas he was experiencing thinning in. Stay tuned for more updates as his hair grows in!

Day of Procedure

Barry's hair loss is a great example of how thinning hair can be disguised or hidden with certain hairstyles or lengths, but over time will eventually be impossible to cover up. The most effective and permanent solution is a hair transplant. Can't wait to see his amazing transformation in a few months!

Before Procedure

Darren, our Clinic Director, visited Barry at the station to discuss the game plan for his upcoming procedure!

Before Procedure

Barry Krauss shares more about his career and how hair loss has impacted him over the years.

Before Procedure

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