We’re Growing Gunner’s Hair!

As one of the leading and highest profile radio DJs in Indiana Dave “Gunner” Gundaker, of “Q95” and “Stuck & Gunner” fame, is one of the most well known voices in radio. Now you get to put a face to the voice and with it watch Gunner get his hair back. As Gunner said “I got tired of wearing hats all the time and I wanted to get the youthful 35 year old Gunner back”. Here we follow Gunner through the weeks prior to his Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure right through the growing cycle 12 months post procedure as his new hair grows in. Gunner could have chosen anywhere to have his procedure so we are very proud he joined the thousands of other guys we have helped over the years.

Follow his journey.

TV Commercial | See Gunner's 12 Month Results!

Gunner, after his Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure, is about to go big time with his new billboard and commercial. It has only been 12 months since his procedure at PAI was done and now he is ready for everyone to see!

12 months

Gunner Has His Hair Back!

One of Indiana’s most known radio DJs, Q95’s radio host, Gunner, has his hair back! After 12 months of waiting, Gunner finally looks like his 35 year old self again and is very close to making his TV debut on PAI’s TV commercial and billboard near you! See his amazing results here and be on the look out to see Gunner’s commercial very soon.

12 months

Gunner's Hair Transplant | 12 Months Post Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

You will usually see around 40% growth after 4 months, it takes 12 months for final results. For those with lighter hair color, like Gunner, the hairs often initially come in almost transparent before the melanin, that gives hair color, starts to bring the hair to its natural color around 6 months post procedure. Gunner is very excited to see a new and lower hair line forming and lots of little new hairs in his crown!

12 months

Amazing Hairline & Crown Results at Only 5 Months Post Procedure!

Gunner discusses his hair transplant journey up to 5 months post procedure. So far, Gunner is having great results and has only approximately 50% of growth! See what he has to say about his results so far and be sure to continue see his progress here! Next update comes in at his 8 month post procedure follow up.

5 months

Gunner 5 Month Results Featured on Indy Style

Gunner joins Clinic Director, Darren Andrews, on Indy Style to discuss his results 5 months post transplant. At this point, Gunner has approximately 45% – 50% growth with the transplanted hair along his hairline and crown. Some of the transplanted hairs may even appear slightly translucent, which is common during the early stages of growth. Now, this is when the growth begins to accelerate and the fun begins! Stay tuned to see even more of Gunner’s great results.

5 months

Gunner's Hair Transplant | 10 Day Post Procedure Follow-up

Here we catch up with Gunner now that he is 10 days out from his Multi – Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure. Gunner will talk us through how his recovery was, if he was able to go right back to work and talk about his excitement at the expectation of getting his hair back!

10 days

Gunner's Hair Transplant | 5 Day Post Procedure Follow-up

Have you ever wondered how the recovery is after a hair transplant? Gunner explains his experience in this video including talking about if there was any pain and discomfort and how the follow up has been from the team at PAI / WeGrowHairIndy. You will also get to see how he looks after his procedure.

5 days

Gunner's Hair Transplant | Watch His Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ Procedure

Gunner guides us through his pre-procedure thoughts, including why he chose PAI Medical Group /, then we follow him through the day of the procedure including talking to him during his procedure. Gunner is having a large Multi – Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure and we are rebuilding his hair line and work all the way through to his crown.

Day of Procedure

Gunner & PAI On The Radio!

Less than 2 weeks before his procedure and Gunner asked Darren Andrews, and Todd Holzer, of PAI Medical Group /, to visit him in studio for a few laughs and to discuss his upcoming Multi – Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure. Darren and Todd have both had hair transplants with PAI so they offer their unique perspective as well as help Gunner understand what to expect.

Before Procedure

Enhanced Plasma Therapy with A Cell - With a Transplant

Along with Gunner’s Multi – Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure, we did Enhanced Plasma Therapy and A Cellular Matrix (A Cell). Enhanced Plasma Therapy with A Cell has the duel benefit of helping the patient have a faster and more pain free recovery, of minimizing the giving the finest possible surgical remnant (suture line) in the harvest area and helping to thicken and reinforce the existing non-transplanted hair. This can be performed with a hair transplant or as as stand alone modality for men and women in the early to mid stages of hair loss.

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