Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common hair transplant questions are answered below! If you have more questions feel free to submit your information on our contact form and we'll be happy to help.

Hair Transplant FAQs

Am I a good candidate for a hair transplant from We Grow Hair Indy?

Most people suffering from androgenetic alopecia or other common hair loss types are candidates for hair transplantation with We Grow Hair Indy.

Hair loss candidacy essentially depends on three key elements:

  1. How much permanent hair you still have.
  2. The degree or severity of baldness or thinning you are experiencing relative to the amount of hair you still have.
  3. Your overall hair restoration goals and expectations – We place a high level of emphasis on a patient’s expectations, and an honest conversation regarding potential hair loss in the future and what you want to achieve long term with your hair transplant procedure is crucial.
Is there an ideal age to begin hair transplantation?

A commonly-debated subject among hair restoration surgeons, the ideal age range for hair transplantation isn’t as cut-and-dry as you might think. Research has shown transplanting in the early stages of hair loss could provide for easier concealment of hair loss, which would allow the patient to limit the appearance of thinning before it becomes noticeable.

At We Grow Hair Indy, we always recommend a private consultation for all of our prospective hair transplant patients, particularly patients under the age of 24. For patients that are a minor, we require the parent or guardian to be present during all consultations.

How many hairs will be transplanted?

One graft does not equal one hair. Our hair restoration physicians will harvest hair grafts from 1-7 hairs, depending on the area experiencing hair loss. For example, 1,200 grafts would equal an average of 5,000 to 7,000 hairs. This range of evenly distributed hair grafts will produce a natural hairline with the ideal density and coverage.

What is the difference between hair grafts and PAI Medical Levels?

A hair graft can contain anywhere from 1 to 10 hairs, generally speaking. A large number hair restoration clinics charge for hair transplants by the graft. The problem with this approach?

Because the number of grafts is unique to each and every patient and every procedure, predicting a consistent range in order to provide accurate pricing is quite difficult, making it a bit of a mystery in many cases as to how much the final cost of your hair transplant will actually be.

The PAI Medical Levels we use at We Grow Hair Indy measure number of hairs, not hair grafts, and the general area to be covered in the procedure, which reduces confusion for the patient and allows us to offer more affordable transplant options.

How many sessions will I need to achieve results?

One of the many benefits of our Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure is that we reduce the number of procedures by moving more hair in each procedure. Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ allows up to twice the normal hair volume compared to traditional Follicular Unit hair transplants. So you’re provided a much better value to meet your hair restoration goals, often in only 1 or 2 procedures.

How long after my hair transplant procedure will I begin to see hair growth?

Generally, hair growth occurs within 3-5 months after the hair transplant procedure. The number of new hairs will continue to increase for 12 months.

What type of post-operative care does We Grow Hair Indy provide?

We highly recommend a hair loss prevention program for all of our patients at We Grow Hair Indy. Our physicians recommend treating hair loss with a global approach, putting back what you've lost while maintaining the hair that you have.

How soon can I go back to work after the procedure?

We recommend that activity in general is restricted during the first 24 hours after the procedure, as well as limiting physically demanding activities within the first 10 days, or until your sutures are removed.

You can return to work within a day or two following your procedure depending on the level of strain your occupation requires, in addition to your overall comfort level following the procedure.

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost?

This is one of our most commonly asked questions. Because everyone experiences hair loss differently, this can be a complex question to answer. Watch the video below to learn more about what goes into the pricing of a hair transplant or learn more about our financing options here.

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