Micro Pigmentation

Looking to have your hair restored but don’t want a hair transplant or a hair system? Micro-pigmentation, also known as virtual hair, is an amazing new way to treat the appearance of hair loss. This innovative non-surgical technique simulates the look of short hairs of a closely shaved scalp.

The Process

We do Micro Pigmentation by introducing colored cosmetic pigment into the epidermis microscopically. This novel approach to hair restoration uses a blended technology using a permanent pigment – like that being used in the permanent makeup industry – to create permanent tiny dots or small ‘hash marks’ to look like just shaven or recently shaven hair. It conceals the contrast between hair color and scalp in thinning areas. The pigment is imbedded into the skin and it is virtually impossible to determine what is a hair and what is a virtual hair – even under close inspection.

Man Getting Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Simulates Real Hair

Micro-scalp pigmentation is excellent for men who like to wear a short stubble hair style as well as men and women looking to fill in thin areas where scalp is showing. It can be the solution for many types of scalp conditions such as genetic androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) scarring alopecia. It can also be used to conceal scars or birthmarks on the scalp area. Scars from older hair transplant procedures can be minimized and in some cases made practically invisible using our Micro-pigmentation process. Check out the interview below that touches on the benefits of Micro-pigmentation.

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