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Update: Don Stuck On Indy Style Upcoming Hair Transplant!

Don Stuck On Indy Style Upcoming Hair Transplant
Don Stuck on INDY Style Upcoming Hair Transplant!

Don Stuck is a jack of all trades – professional musician since 1979, reverend, radio host since 1988, licensed pilot, soon to be pro fisherman, and last but not least an auctioneer! Stuck of Fox Sports 97.5FM Stuck and Gunner discusses his excitement about having his Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant procedure April 5th! In addition, Clinic Director, Darren Andrews, discusses what to expect for Stuck’s procedure and discusses other hair transplant successes from PAI Medical Group clients.

Starting out, Stuck was a huge skeptic about hair transplant surgeries and did not believe that they worked at all. After working side by side with his co-host, Gunner, he came to the realization that this was far from a scam, but it actually works! Seeing the amazing results that Gunner has had, Stuck elected to go forward with getting his hairline back and not lose that rock star hair.

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Follow Fox Sports 97.5FM Stuck’s Progress on His VIP Page!

We are happy to announce that we have now launched Stuck’s very own VIP page. Always be up to date with any new information that may be happening between now and when Stuck reaches his final result 12 months later.

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