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Crown & Hairline Transplant – We Grow Hair Indy Patient Bobby

Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™
Final Results

PAI patient, Bobby Thacker, had a Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ transplant where we focused on the crown and hairline. Bobby made the decision to come and see us after seeing some pictures of himself on social media where he realized how much hair loss he had in the crown. Originally, he had some concerns about how bad hair plugs used to look back in the day. After learning about the Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure & seeing his coworker’s amazing, natural results, his concerns completely subsided. In his consultation, he was able to see before & after photos and patient testimonials, which helped him understand that the Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ option was best for him. He’s thrilled with his natural hair style and hairline! Learn more about Bobby’s experience with We Grow Hair Indy.

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