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First 10 Days After ARTAS Robotic FUE Hair Transplant – Crate

1 Day-2 Months After

Alt 103.3’s afternoon radio host, Crate, is 6 weeks out from his ARTAS Robotic FUE hair transplant! In this video you’ll see Crate’s experience throughout his first 10 days after the procedure. It takes 60 – 90 days for the transplanted hairs to get out of the resting phase and start growing but there are already early signs of growth! The ARTAS is the worlds most advanced FUE procedure. It has accuracy and precision unmatched by any other FUE procedure….all this while eliminating the human error element that is typical with other FUE procedures. The ARTAS procedure provides natural results, and it’s virtually pain free and minimally invasive.

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