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Hair Transplant Results at 4 Months – Jeff Brummett

Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™
3-4 Months After
Jeff Brummett

It’s been 4 months since We Grow Hair Indy VIP, Jeff Brummett, had his Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant procedure! The hair takes a full 12 months to grow in fully, but Jeff has already seen a major change in the 4 months since his hair transplant. He started to notice growth in the 3rd month and said it has blossomed in the past 4 weeks. Other modalities, like laser hair therapy and Enhanced Plasma Therapy, in combination with a hair transplant can help get the hairs out of the initial “resting phase” a lot faster. With Jeff we focused mostly on the frontal area, so you’ll see the hairline is now formed, the face is framed, and it’s age specific. “About a week to ten days I was back in front of people.” Check out his amazing 4 month results!

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