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Hair Transplant Results – We Grow Hair Indy VIP Dave First – Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™
Final Results
Dave Furst

Dave’s hair looks incredible! He originally came to us in 2012 and had a Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ Hair Transplant. 10 years later, Dave was ready for a tune-up. He noticed that he was losing more of his non-transplanted hair and reached out to us about getting a second procedure. Dave has realized the impact that hair loss can have on those with thinning hair, and wanted to spread the message to his community. We are honored that he has chosen We Grow Hair Indy to put his best face, and hair, forward for his exciting new chapter in the motor racing industry. His hair transplant results look completely natural!


To watch his full journey, check out his VIP page here

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