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Hairline and Crown Hair Transplant Approach | Jeff Brummett

Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™
Before & Day of Procedure
Jeff Brummett

Jeff Brummett is preparing for his upcoming Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant procedure! Listen as Clinic Director, Darren Andrews, explains the approach we’re taking with his hairline and crown hair transplant. The hair transplant objective for Jeff is to reframe the face with a stronger hairline and fill in the crown area. On the morning of the procedure, we start by drawing out the hairline relative to facial structure. In a Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant procedure, we use a blend of different size hair graft groupings. In the front, we’re going to use groupings starting with the very small micro and follicular units. As we work our way back, we want to build more density, so we go with the multiple follicular units. We’ll recreate the natural swirl pattern of the crown and then work our way forward. Jeff’s existing hair can be retained by a number of different medically proven modalities including Enhanced Plasma Therapy, laser hair therapy, Rogaine, and Finasteride.

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