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Hairline Hair Transplant – ARTAS Robotic FUE (6 Months Post Procedure)


Kurt had started to wear his hair a little longer on top to push forward his hair to help with masking the fact that he was thinning. Recently he was in a play that required him to shave his head and this really showed the hair loss that he was experiencing in his hairline. Kurt used to have great full hair in his hairline and he wants to do what he can to get that back. He elected to do the ARTAS Robotic FUE as he wanted the fastest recovery time and the ability to wear his hair virtually at any length he desired. ARTAS Robotic FUE is the World’s most advanced hair transplant device. Here you are able to see his results at only 6 months post procedure and still has another 6 months of growth left to go.

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