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Proven Hair Restoration Treatment Solutions | WeGrowHairIndy Patient Amber

WeGrowHairIndy and Transitions of Indiana patient, Amber, is 27 years old. She came to see us because she was experiencing really advanced thinning through the top of her head. In this video, you’ll see her follow-up meeting after doing laser hair therapy, Enhanced Plasma Therapy, and CRLabs scalp treatments for 6 months. Through this treatment program, we were able to reinforce the hair follicles and extend the growing cycle of the follicle. Check out the amazing density after just 6 months! Amber started to notice the frontal hairline strengthening and new hairs growing in after about 3 months of treatment. The combination of laser hair therapy,Enhanced Plasma Therapy, and CRLabs scalp treatments were able to stop hair from falling out, and allowed existing hair to get healthier and miniaturized hairs to regrow.

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