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Rajeev Ram and We Grow Hair Indy on Fox 59 Marketplace

Fox59 Marketplace
Rajeev Ram

Watch as Clinic Director Darren Andrews introduces a very exciting We Grow Hair Indy client, Rajeev Ram!

Rajeev Ram is an American professional tennis player who has earned the 2020 Australian Open men’s doubles title, 2019 Australian Open mixed doubles title, 21 ATP Tour titles, an Olympic silver medal, and many other accolades. Not only is he an outstanding tennis player, but he’s also the founder of EntouRaj for Kids. EntouRaj for Kids, a non-profit that seeks to make tennis more accessible to families. Rajeev wanted to have a hairline again so he could feel more self-confident at times, like trophy presentations, but he thought there was nothing that could be done about his hair loss until he heard about We Grow Hair Indy. He decided to get our trademarked Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant procedure because he wanted the most hair in a single procedure.

Visit Rajeev’s VIP page at… to see updates on his progression. It takes a full 12 months for final results, so don’t forget to check back in to see where Rajeev ends up!

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