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The Importance of Laser Hair Therapy After A Hair Transplant

1 Day-2 Months After
Hair Transplant Q&A

Laser hair therapy is great for the post-procedure healing and growth process. We offer in-clinic and at-home options. If a client opts for in-clinic lasers, they will receive the only FDA approved laser treatment for hair. This treatment helps extend the cycle of the transplanted hairs to help cut down on shedding and to regulate the hair cycle. For your existing hair, in-house lasers are beneficial to help with treating the hair, flushing out existing DHT, stimulating the hair to get the necessary nutrients it needs to stabilize, thicken, and strengthen. It also helps other modalities like Finasteride and Rogaine work more effectively! Laser hair therapy is not necessarily a lifetime commitment treatment but can be continued long-term with no side effects. Additionally, at-home portable laser devices can help with maintaining existing hair and stabilizing the hair cycle. We offer post-op laser plans and the Laser Band 82 by HairMax for different options!

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