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Trichology Test for Scalp Health – 99.5 WZPL’s Nikki Reed – The Smiley Morning Show

Enhanced Plasma Therapy | Laser Hair Therapy
Nikki Reed, radio host on 99.5 WZPL Smiley Morning Show came to We Grow Hair Indy and Transitions with hopes of restoring her damaged hair that would not grow. Her hair was starting to become thin and fine because of all the hair color she has done, and she was recently a living kidney donor which can contribute to hair loss. Nikki took a global approach to her treatment plan, and elected to utilize our FDA approved laser hair therapy, Enhanced Plasma Therapy and saw amazing hair growth results! Nikki’s scalp has been itchy lately, and she came back in to see our trichologist for a test to determine which CR Labs products can balance out her oily scalp. We will see Nikki back in 6 weeks for another microscopic analysis to see how her scalp improves!

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