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We Grow Hair Indy Patient Results - What We've Been Up To

Rick Demulling photoshoot

We recently had a video shoot with some of our patients to capture their amazing results. Check out how great they look!

We Grow Hair Indy Patient Results Crate

Our ARTAS Robotic FUE VIP, Crate from ALT 103.3, had his hair transplant procedure about 7 months ago. His wife finally convinced him to do something about his hair because of the amount of time he was spending obsessing over the thinning, and now he’s obsessing over how great it looks! Click here to learn more about Crate’s experience so far.

We Grow Hair Indy Patient Results - What We've Been Up To Rick

Former professional football player, Rick DeMulling, and his wife, Danielle, stopped by to show off his 7 month Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ transplant results. Danielle is thrilled that he has more hair now than when they dated! Click here to see Rick’s entire journey, including all before & after pictures and videos.

We Grow Hair Indy Patient Results - What We've Been Up To Nick
Nick Angeloff always took great pride in his hair so you can only imagine his angst when, at only 18 years old, he noticed that his hair line started to retreat. Nick had his ARTAS Robotic FUE procedure a little over a year ago, and he’s thrilled that he decided to seek help. Click here to learn more about Nick’s journey.
We Grow Hair Indy Patient Results - What We've Been Up To

Michael Wantz, Roncalli boys basketball head coach, is 12 months post his Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ transplant procedure and he’s looking great! Click here to learn more about the Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure.

We Grow Hair Indy Patient Result

Nick Yonts had his Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure about a year and a half ago and he’s thankful he took care of his hair loss early, so he can be confident going into sales meetings. Click here to see before & after pictures of other Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ patients.

Take the next step to look & feel your best again! We’d love to help you with your hair restoration goals. If you’d like more information, or to set up a FREE consultation to meet with one of our trained professionals to discuss your concerns and hair loss treatment options, please fill out your email address here.

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PAI Medical Group has offered the “Gold Standard” in permanent and natural hair restoration and hair transplants for over 30 years. Only at WeGrowHairIndy will you find our trademarked procedure Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ and the newest technology in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), The ARTAS® Robotic System, a breakthrough in Robotic Hair Transplantation, Enhanced Plasma Therapy and Laser Hair Therapy. We offer FREE private evaluations, as well as online and virtual consultations. We can review the costs, low monthly payments and financing. Many of our highly trained and educated hair restoration professionals have been through hair restoration themselves. They will help determine the best treatment plan for your type of hair loss and answer all of your questions. Call today at 1-888-724-5129 or click here to schedule a FREE PRIVATE EVALUATION or VIRTUAL CONSULTATION. Our office is located at 3500 DePauw Blvd, Suite 3090, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Permanent Natural Results are a phone call or click away.