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by Tyler on We Grow Hair Indy
First class

Super clean, everyone is good to work with. Darren is the man.Every option available for hair loss down you could ever think of. Up to date on every procedure. If you are thinking about pursuing hair recovery in anyway and live in Indy, dont go anywhere else. You will not regret making the first phone call to get started.

The whole experience was absolutely fantastic! So glad I had this done!

Awesome place

As a medical professional I am so very impressed by the level of care and compassion by this organization. I would recommend them wholeheartedly.

First Class!

To sum up the whole experience - from the front desk staff, surgical staff, Darren and everyone involved - First Class!!

by David on We Grow Hair Indy

It has been one year since I had hair transplants by the Artas FUE robot. It looks completely natural and no one can tell that I had hair transplants. The folks at PAI made it a very easy process. I could not be happier with the results.Thank you.

by Anonymous on We Grow Hair Indy
Excellent Care

I liked the personalized letters post-procedure. I liked the caring and concern Dawn Fox gave to me pre-procedure and at follow-up... much appreciated!

by Karl J. on We Grow Hair Indy

After 4 months, I've had an excellent experience so far and I am beginning to see the results. The consultation was direct, but complete and very informative. From a patient's point of view, the surgical experience was easy. Everyone from the front desk to the medical team were professional, helpful, and made me feel at ease!

by Steven on We Grow Hair Indy

The follow-up care was extremely attentive, courteous, and professional! Hair growth is very good and it looks excellent!

My experience from the first appointment to now has been very professional. All staff are knowledgeable, friendly, and neat in appearance and the facility is clean, calming, and aesthetically pleasing. Darren was friendly, funny, and handled a very personal decision in a non-pressure way. I loved the follow-up care! I am a firm believer that the experience doesn't end when you leave the office. Dr. Waesche was very informative, reassuring, and the medical team acted like they knew me when I was in the surgical room... very friendly, yet professional. Medicine is about results that are carried out in a relationship with the patient. This was the best transplant surgical experience in the 4 surgeries that I have had! Kudos to the entire team... Thank you!

by Tanner on We Grow Hair Indy

I am completely satisfied with the results of my procedure. After the procedure, I was very impressed by the overall care and respect shown by the entire PAI staff. They all made sure my needs and concerns were heard and met. A year ago, I couldn't have imagined my hair looking the way it does today. Through the combination of laser hair therapy and the use of Propecia and Rogaine, I've stopped losing my hair and continued to see growth in the transplanted areas. I love how dark my hair is now!

by Jim Thomas on We Grow Hair Indy
Thank you to everyone at PAI!

I had done a lot of research and felt PAI was the place to schedule a consultation with above any other place, and I was surprised that I actually had my meeting with Darren. It was nice to speak with the guy you see on TV! He took time to thoroughly answer all questions and concerns. After the procedure, Dawn was very helpful, knowledgeable, and took her time with my aftercare and genuinely cared. Everyone is a class act at PAI. Dr. Waesche did an amazing job, and at 4 months, I couldn't be happier! I recommend PAI to anyone considering hair restoration! Thanks to all!

I'm happy with the care and friendliness of all persons I have come in contact with, and Dr. Waesche impressed me with his care and knowledge.

by Anonymous on We Grow Hair Indy

The results have exceeded my initial expectations and I am very satisfied!

This is procedure #5 - without a doubt the best in every way from consult to end result! I really appreciated the 2 month letter, about the time I was wondering if it would ever grow. I enjoyed meeting the Doc - he listened to my desires and really tried to deliver. It worked!

by Anonymous on We Grow Hair Indy

A few years ago I decided to get a hair transplant. I ended up going to one of the supposedly top places in the nation. Everyone was real nice but I didn't get results I wanted, so I actually went again to the same place 10 months later. Of course it looked tons better but my son still made fun of me saying I was bald after two surgeries!! A friend of mine recommended PAI and the price was right so I decided to give it one more shot!!  It ended up amazing, the grafts were so much closer together to give it that thicker fuller look!! My friends asked if I lost weight and said that I hadn't looked that good since college, which was 30 years ago, calling me Elvis!!  Then more and more people called me Elvis, even people I didn't know!! Now we all know Elvis had a thick head of hair so I knew I had finally hit my goal with PAI . Oh yeah, and my boy doesn't make fun of me anymore !! Thanks PAI, sincerely Elvis formally William!!

I wish hair loss could be completely fixed, but I'm very satisfied after my second procedure (which I knew was necessary after my first one). Everyone from Todd to Darren has been very caring and professional. Melissa is wonderful and really cares about her patients... she never stops smiling! I would recommend PAI Medical Group to anyone!

I heard that PAI was the best in town, and I wasn't disappointed! Matt did a great job explaining what to expect (before procedure). Compared to my last procedure (1978-1979), there was less pain, faster healing, and much more hair in one procedure... Hair tranplanting has come a long way! The front desk personnel are great! They are helpful, cheerful, and they answer questions completely - they don't cut you short! PAI is very good at what they do!

I am 8-months out and so-far-so-good! I had been losing my hair slowly throughout my early 20’s and was in denial that it was thinning. After a couple of years, it was very noticeable and I decided to have something done about it. When meeting with PAI, they gave me several different options and after analyzing my hair and the follicles, it was clear that the best option was a hair transplant. Aside from a little discomfort three to four days after my procedure, there was zero pain at all! The procedure is not very invasive. This was one of the best choices I have made for myself!

by Scott R. on We Grow Hair Indy

It has been just over a year after my procedure and I can say that it was very successful for me. There was no pain during the procedure and only mild discomfort for a couple days after. I now have hair like I did approximately 15 years ago! I would definitely recommend doing this to anyone that is having thoughts about their hair loss like I was.

by Mike A. on We Grow Hair Indy

I am very impressed. You have a great staff. The quality of the written materials I have received is quite good. As I write this, it's about 7 months and one week after my procedure, and the amount of new growth is substantial! You have easily exceeded my expectations. Thanks!!

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