Permanent and natural hair restoration

Why We’re Different:

  • Unique, trademarked Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure
  • The most sophisticated medical robot technology – ARTAS FUE
  • Three times more hair in one procedure with permanent, natural results
  • Restored confidence through our safe, effective hair loss treatments
  • Team of dedicated medical professionals: hair growth and hair restoration experts
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Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

  • Up to 3x the amount of hair in a single session
  • Trademarked by PAI Medical
  • Maximizes hair per volume
  • Results in a natural appearance
  • Costs less per hair transplanted
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  • Natural Results
  • Minimally Invasive
  • Virtually Pain Free
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Rick is our newest Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ VIP!

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Why you should expect the best in hair restoration.

At PAI Medical of Indiana, we have been specializing 100% in hair restoration for over 40 years. Many of our team have had their hair restored, so we understand the emotional impact of hair loss. Whether it's for our exclusive trademarked Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant procedure, or Indiana's only ARTAS Robotic FUE device, people visit us from all over the world. Our industry leading team of medical professionals provide solutions that are leading edge yet safe and effective.

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Let our experts walk you through your options for hair loss treatment, every step of the way, and place you and your self confidence firmly on the path to hair regrowth. Whether next door or halfway around the world, rest assured that your free consultation with PAI Medical Indiana will be the first step of a life-changing experience.


Meet with one of our trained, friendly hair transplant professionals to discover your hair loss treatment options. You’ll have the opportunity to meet an actual PAI Medical Indiana patient and ask questions, visit our Indianapolis facility and receive a comprehensive hair and scalp analysis. You and the PAI Medical Indiana staff will privately discuss your hair loss and ongoing concerns, as well as undergo a thorough examination to evaluate your overall candidacy for hair restoration.



Consult virtually with PAI Medical Indiana’s highly trained health care professionals, an efficient and effective option for discussing your hair loss and treatment options. If you own a webcam (optional) you can meet face-to-face with PAI Medical Indiana without leaving the comfort of your own home. Our virtual consultation also allows you to send digital photos via email, helping us accurately diagnose your hair loss, analyze your potential candidacy and suggest a hair treatment plan that delivers results.


COVID-19 Updates and Safety Protocols

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Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ is a procedure trademarked by PAI Medical that uses a blend of different hair groupings (grafts) that are moved, or redistributed, according to the natural way in which they exist. By transplanting up to three times the amount of hair in a single session, we reduce the number of hair transplant procedures, reduce cost, and maximize results.

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The ARTAS system is the most sophisticated follicular unit extraction FUE device available today. We find it to be superior when it comes to providing unparalleled accuracy and precision, thanks to several advanced algorithms, which eliminate the human error associated with manual hand-held FUE methods.

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Looking for more information?

To learn more about the numerous options we offer, download our free Hair Loss and Recovery brochure. The 22-page brochure provides information about both the reasons for hair loss and what can be done about it.


Over 17,000 procedures.

At PAI Medical Group Indiana, our surgery center focuses on two areas of service: staying ahead with cutting-edge technology, and ensuring the comfort of our patients. Featuring new technologies such as the ARTAS Robotic FUE, we create lasting and natural-looking results for our patients.

Our surgery center is state of the art and equipped for patient comfort. With a wide customer base from across the country, we are determined to deliver quality care from your first consultation to the relaxing tranquility rooms during recovery.

Real results from real patients.

Our reviews speak for themselves.

"Having tried so many different methods to deal with my hair loss prior to PAI, I was initially skeptical at my first visit. In retrospect, the only regret I have is having waited as long as I did to take advantage of the resources they had to offer. The results have been amazing. After 4 months, I've already seen the most amazing results for which I could ask. Thank to PAI, I no longer have to constantly worry about losing my hair. Friends and family have commented on how good I look and I've gained an infinite amount of confidence back. I would highly recommend PAI's grafting procedures to deal with hair loss once and for all."

Sean D.

"I am 4 months post op and the procedure was not painful at all. I had a some tightness and numbess in both the donnor area and the recipient site but after about a week or so the discomfort ceased. While I am only 4 months into this, I am completely satisfied. Any discomfort that I might have had is well worth the results thus far. If you are thinking about having this proecedure now stop thinking and start calling. You could not make a better choice than PAI Medical. From Darren to Melissa, to the many receptionists, to the nurses, to the Doctor, you are treated absolutely amazingly. They are always wearing a smile and do whatever they can to make your experience a great one. I am soooo thankful that I chose PAI. Without them I would still be searching for my next hat to wear."

Matt H.

"So happy I decided to do this. I’m a year post-op and I could not be happier with my results. The staff at PAI are exceptional and made everything easier for me throughout the process."


"Im so excited that I did this! I can’t believe the results I have in 4 months, Darren had shown me a before pic of when I came in for a consultation and holy cow what a huge difference, I did not realize I was so thin up there, Darren and his staff were excellent in every way . This is the best thing I have ever done PAI Thanks so much"


"The results are extremely natural. The hairline does not look like old plugs or a straight line. It ebbs and flows a bit like a normal hairline, and some of the transplants are placed into the existing hair to make for a seamless transition. Very well done, and I am very pleased."


"Darren and the staff are great! I chose Multi Unit Hair Grafting because you can get the procedure done in one setting. It is now 6 months post procedure and the results are amazing. If you are thinking about getting it done, don’t wait any longer than you have to."


"I had multiple procedures done in the 90’s at another place and I was hesitant to try the process again. I researched and decided the MUHG process was the way to go. From the very beginning of the process PAI assured me that I would be a satisfied customer. I’m at 4 months and am already satisfied! Today was my 4 month follow up, and I was told I can expect much more coverage in the months to come. This was money well spent. If your contemplating this procedure, PAI is the way to go. They have already exceeded my expectations. The staff are well educated, and are ready to help you. Thanks PAI!"

Greg Hilliard

"As natural as it gets! I’m 12 months post op and the new hair flows right in with the still existing hair for a seamless look that no one can recognize."


"I am very impressed. You have a great staff. The quality of the written materials I have received is quite good. As I write this, it's about 7 months and one week after my procedure, and the amount of new growth is substantial! You have easily exceeded my expectations. Thanks!!"

Mike A.

"12 months later, I'm highly satisfied with my procedure! They offered excellent care and follow-up with me was very good. No one can tell I have had a procedure. They just think I have great hair!"


"I am completely satisfied with the results of my procedure. After the procedure, I was very impressed by the overall care and respect shown by the entire PAI staff. They all made sure my needs and concerns were heard and met. A year ago, I couldn't have imagined my hair looking the way it does today. Through the combination of laser hair therapy and the use of Propecia and Rogaine, I've stopped losing my hair and continued to see growth in the transplanted areas. I love how dark my hair is now!"


"It’s amazing how quickly I was able to return to work after my PAI procedure. After my first procedure I went back to work after a three day weekend. After my second procedure I decided to give it a little more time, but I was feeling great after two days. I highly recommend the staff at PAI, from prepping to procedure, they are the best!"

Joel L.

"Man, am I glad I made the decision to have this procedure! Results are amazing. People constantly compliment me. I can’t wait to have my second procedure in a week. Darren was incredible. Dr. W was awesome. Everyone there is incredible! I cannot express enough how positive my experience was. If you have any doubts, read the messages below. We are all thrilled with our results."

Nick H.

"I couldn’t be happier with my results. The staff is great and Darren does a great job explaining your options and what to expect."


"I used to be scared to even scratch an itch on my scalp, that my hand would have hair in it when I would look at it afterwards. Not any more. I have confidence that it’s there to stay."

Mike M

"I will be perfectly honest I had no pain really no discomfort. I just kept thinking of the results in 4 months and now Im excited about my 1 year mark. just do it, you will not regret it. Search no more PAI is the way to go Thanks PAI"

Jeff Youker

"I have actually had 3 smaller transplants in the past before PAI. At PAI I had the largest transplant of over 6000 hairs at once! I am 5 months out of the transplant and I must say my hair has not looked this good for more than a decade! As the donor area was harvested from the back of my head (the area not affected by testosterone that induces hairloss) it is permanent."


"I was really hesitant going into my procedure. I remember spending a lot of time reading these messages the night before my procedure because I was real nervous. These comments really put me at ease. I can safely tell you that I experienced very little pain (mostly just uncomfortable the first day or so). The entire process was amazing. So amazing, I have my second procedure next week!"

Nick H.

"My procedure was on a Saturday and I went back into school the following Monday. It was not a big deal to me, and no one around asked any questions. I had slight discomfort the night after the procedure, but the next day or so I was feeling all back to normal."


"It is very natural; my new barber could not tell I had the procedure."


"I just had my hair replaced two weeks ago. And now I cant wait for the results to come in."

David Smith

"Only those that knew you were balding would ever notice (due to the thickness of hair) as it is as natural of a procedure and look as you could ask for. The results were as great as I hoped they would be."


"The results are permanent and I wouldn’t want it any other way! The team did an unbelievable job putting the new hair in and I’m thrilled to hear that it’ll be staying there forever."


"Okay, so, my body typically has a difficult time recovering from even the most minor procedure. I slept sitting up on my couch for a few days because I was fearful I would roll over on my head in the night and damage the transplanted area. That was not easy to do, but I got through it. Also, I had some swelling after the procedure which was a bit unnerving, but PAI assured me that would go away, and it did. I was able to work the entire time, though. Other than some interrupted sleep, I was able to keep going a day or two after the procedure."

Preston L.

"I had a large area done on the back of my head. Swelling was not a concern and I could have gone back to an office job in a few days. I planned my procedure around a long weekend. Talk to Darren at PAI, and he will tell you exactly what to expect and what to do about work , which will depend on what you do for a living, etc. Do just what PAI tells you and everything will go great for you and you will be very happy and amazed with the great results you will see in just a few months."

Larry Y.

"The multi unit hair grafting technique looks so natural that my hair stylist couldn’t tell that I had the procedure."


"It has been 5 months since my surgery, and I look great. I am completely happy with the surgery and have had comments from others who are starting to go bald. I don’t get embarrassed when people notice and ask me. It just reminds me that it was a worth while investment."

Cody B.

"I was back at work in a week. PAI team did a good job providing instructions and explaining on what to expect (day by day) after the procedure. The instructions came out very handy."


"The results look absolutely natural, wet or dry! I went back to work the next week and NO ONE has ever noticed it. :)"

Dave L.

"I was 63 when I had my procedure done. I am happy with the results. I only wish I would have done it years ago."


"There was no pain during or after the procedure. The suture line was a little sensitive but that goes away in a week or so. I did have some slight swelling which was not something I hadn’t prepared for. That went away within 2-3 days for me."


"I am only a year post op and my hair looks great. According to Darren and PAI, I will have the transplanted hair for life. And if you think about it and the fact that they are transplanting hair from an area where most bald men can still grow hair they make perfect sense."


"Again, I was amazed through the whole process. The pain and discomfort was minimal. I was back on my feet and doing my normal routine in no time at all. Hair transplants have come along way. The Doctor and his assistants were incredible. Before I knew it I was done. They explained to me what I needed to do after the procedure in detail. Darren and his staff provided phone numbers just in chase I needed to reach him personally."

Tracy Thomas

"The results are incredible. When I tell people I had the procedure done, they think I am kidding because the results are so natural looking and there is no way to tell I had anything done. It is very nice to look back at pictures of myself when I didn’t have hair and to see myself now with hair. I look exactly like I did before I started loosing my hair."

James B.

"I did have some mild discomfort for 2 days after the procedure but all things considered, I would still do it again. The doctor personally called me and checked in with me every day to see how I was doing. Four months into it I can tell you honestly I would go back to PAI and do it all again; they have been fantastic and it has been worth every penny!"


"I’ve had two transplants and felt no pain during either of them. In the days that followed my first (more extensive) transplant, I had some discomfort from the swelling I had for a day or two after the procedure. Nights were fine, and I slept through them fine."

Mr. Adam Schwartz

"I’m a little over a year out and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I’ve gotten so many compliments about how great it looks!"


"I never told anyone but my wife that I was thinking about this procedure. So when I had it done I was sure people would ask about it – I wore a ball cap for about a week but once the post-surgery redness was gone I did not try to hide it and to my shock no one really asked me about it and over time the hair started to grow and it happened so gradual that by the time it all filled in no one ever asked. To date not one person has asked me if I had a hair procedure done but they sure comment on how great my hair looks these days."


"I had a procedure 5 years ago through a competitor and there was pain during the procedure and after it, especially from the suture area. I was told by PAI that the technology has changed now and that pain is not an issue. They were right, I had very little pain post procedure. The suture line was slightly uncomfortable, however, I never needed to take any medication. The worst part of the whole thing was staying up all the first night (by choice) to make sure i didnt bump or damage anything!"


"I had the plug type of hair transplant surgery thirty years ago. I was lucky, I had a surgeon who did as good of a job as could be done with that type of procedure. The Multi Unit Grafts used at PAI is so far beyond the old procedures used , there is no comparison. Their doctor and his staff will do the transplant surgery in such an artistic manner that you or no one else will be able to tell the transplanted hair from your natural hair. I am four months post surgery, and I have hair all over my crown area which was totally without hair four months ago. It is growing in a completely natural swirl pattern and I can see the terrific skill it took to creat the beautiful natural look I am seeing. The procedure is painless and the result is fantastic."

Larry Y.

"As for the procedure, i felt nothing. I wake up about an hour before they were done and just kept talking with the Dr. and his team till they were finished. I had to wait a short while till I could leave. The first day I felt fine. The second day the area the hair was taken was a little tender but not bad. The first few days were time consuming because you have to be so careful with your head and how you wash it. Other then that, everything was great. Everything healed and I have a ton of hair now. Thanks so much PAI… Brian G."

Brian G.

"I don’t remember much of the procedure as I “napped” through most of it. I don’t recall experiencing any pain during the procedure. I had the largest procedure done and the first 24 hours post-op were the most uncomfortable. I’d describe the feeling as mild discomfort in the donor area and an odd numb sensation in the transplant area. I was fully functional and went back to work on the 3rd day post-op but with some discomfort. After having this procedure done, the positive results of 6000+ new hairs far outweigh the minor discomfort I experienced. Darren, Dr. Waesche and his PAI staff are top notch! Darren has cheerfully endured countless questions by me and has an earnest concern for me as a patient. Would highly recommend PAI to anyone looking to restore their hair."


"I know this is a good organization. I had an appointment to get an estimate and they said for 1000.00 mulit folicular grafts would be at least $ 6,000.00. I just cannot afford it. I wish I could."

Rob Barry

"The benefits of this procedure truly are priceless. To take hair out of a donor area that no one will notice and put it so naturally in a spot that will make you look and feel better is a win-win for anyone. Having no pain, a natural look and hair that will stay forever are things that have made this experience worth every penny."


"Dr. Waesche and the P.A.I. team not only offered me hope–THEY DELIVERED! The procedure was truly effortless(on my behalf) as the P.A.I. team was there for me every step of the way. The procedure itself was painless and I enjoyed sharing a few laughs with the girls while the procedure was in progress. I can report to all that I have had far more discomfort from a heavy training session than any aspect of the procedure!"

Don D.

"Best thing I’ve ever done for myself!"

Jeff Y.

"The technology for PAI’s grafting technique is amazing. The coverage is phenomenal!"

Ryan Fields

"I met with Darren Andrews and explained my goal was to look like myself again for my wedding in May 2015 and this was at the end of November 2014. He said that I needed to schedule by December 10th and explained what I should expect about the procedure and about how much hair I would have by my wedding date. Needless to say my hair had thickened up by my wedding and I am so thrilled to look at my wedding photos and see hair and not my shiny head anymore because that is just not me. Thanks PAI staff and Darren for your service and helping me to look like me again, Kevin M. Brown"

Kevin B.

"I had my 2nd procedure done in late August 2015. I’m retired, but like anybody, I wanted my recovery to move as quickly as possible. I decided to have Enhanced Plasma Therapy on the 2nd procedure. Best call ever! Knowing what I do now, if it had been available when I had the first procedure, I would have gladly paid for it then, too. For me, the difference was dramatic. If a faster recovery is important to you… you want this."


"I was extremely skeptical when I went to my first consultation, but within 1 month I was seeing actual results. My thin spots have all filled in and my self esteem has risen through the roof. The maintenance products are great and affordable and the service from the staff is outstanding. I thank God for the PAI team here in Indianapolis. They truly gave me hope."

Jackie Watters

"I was so nervous and skeptical about the process in the beginning. It certainly helped to have guys like Darren and Todd showing the results they achieved themselves several years ago. I am extremely pleased with the results and would recommend to anyone who desires thicker hair. Every person I encountered in the process were great!"


"Everyone involved was very kind and genuinely cared about my follow-up care. I'm very satisfied with the procedure... It's hard to believe I had so little hair. I feel like I look 10 years younger! It was a wonderful experience!"

Will Hurst

"I was nervous, but am so glad that I had it done! I have a lot of hair now!"

Cindy H.

"I received outstanding attention and consideration from all members of your staff."

Jan P.

"The follow-up care was great. Totally professional, great staff!"


"It was a good experience for me for the most part."


"The procedure went very smoothly, and there was very little pain, which was unexpected - I assumed there would be much more. After care was easy due to explanations and hand-outs telling what to do. We received numerous phone calls to check to see if any questions, and our questions were answered immediately. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful."

Jackson G.

"Darren was very knowledgeable, welcoming, and professional. He explained everything thoroughly and answered any questions that I had. The front office was courteous and friendly both on the phone and in person. My surgical experience was professional, quick, and easy!"

Eric H.

"I heard that PAI was the best in town, and I wasn't disappointed! Matt did a great job explaining what to expect (before procedure). Compared to my last procedure (1978-1979), there was less pain, faster healing, and much more hair in one procedure... Hair tranplanting has come a long way! The front desk personnel are great! They are helpful, cheerful, and they answer questions completely - they don't cut you short! PAI is very good at what they do!"


Meet the team.

PAI Medical has offered the “Gold Standard” in permanent and natural hair restoration for over 40 years. Many of our staff members have experienced hair loss or thinning to some degree, which allows us to be more understanding and attentive to your needs. Our goal is to help you find the best solution for the concerns you have with your hair by showing you the possibilities that exist.

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