Female Hair Transplant

If you are one of many women suffering from hair loss, we can help!

A common misconception with female hair loss is that women experiencing hair loss is rather rare, when in fact, that is patently false. While hair loss in men is often the result of genetics in addition to age, with women, hair loss can happen at any time.

The most common pattern of hair loss we see in our female patients and with women in general is referred to as diffuse, a pattern balding that goes around the whole top of the head. Diffuse is caused by a number of factors other than genetic disposition, so at PAI Medical Indiana, our female hair transplant process includes a thorough evaluation to determine the underlying cause.


While not all females suffering from hair loss are candidates for hair transplantation, with new harvesting techniques and our unique process for treating female hair loss, the number of female patients we treat for permanent hair loss is increasing every year.

Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ is an innovative hair restoration procedure trademarked by PAI Medical, empowering both female and male hair loss patients with a completely natural result by transplanting up to 3 times the amount of hair in a single session.

By transplanting more hair in a single session, we reduce cost, recovery time and the number of sessions required to see results. At PAI Medical Indiana, our doctors create a natural hair line that is both age and gender specific, so our female hair loss patients achieve long-term results specific to their unique needs.

To learn more about our female hair transplant options and other hair loss treatments, call us at (888) 724-5106 or schedule a free consultation with one of our medical professionals.


Watch PAI Medical patient Lisa Griffin talk about her hair transplant experience.


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