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Don Fischer - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

We’re Growing Don Fischer’s Hair!

Don Fischer, the voice of Indiana University basketball and football since 1973, is one of the most well-known sportscasters in the Hoosier state. During his time at IU, he’s seen it all, including three national basketball championships under Bobby Knight. Among his many accolades, he has won Indiana’s Sports Announcer of the Year 29 times. Don heard about We Grow Hair Indy from his friend, who also had a procedure with We Grow Hair Indy, JMV of 1070 The Fan sports radio. Don had been losing his hair for years and finally came to We Grow Hair Indy to see what could be done about his hair loss. Don had our trademarked Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant procedure. On this page, you can follow his progress from day one through to his final results.

Follow The Journey Of Don Fischer

12 Months

The final results are in. Watch as longtime IU Sports broadcaster, Don Fischer, discusses his thoughts on his Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant 12 months later.

Don Fischer - VIP

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