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Hair Transplant Cost

How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost?

A hair transplant is not a one size fits all procedure. Every procedure is done differently based on your individual hair loss needs. At We Grow Hair Indy, our transplants range between $6,000-$16,000. It’s not until your free evaluation that we truly know what you need and what the cost of the hair transplant will be. We offer multiple payment plan options to make this life-changing decision affordable to most. Learn more about our pricing below.

We Don't Charge Per Graft

One of the most common questions we get asked is how much do you charge per graft or follicular unit? The simple answer is we don’t. Charging per graft is not an accurate way to determine cost because one graft can have anywhere from one to four hairs per follicle. Instead, we look to understand how much coverage you need. We evaluate the tissue in your donor area, then determine the number and type of grafts we can get from that tissue. Our approach ensures that you’re getting the most amount of coverage at the best cost.

Real Results From Real Clients.

Joe Bergen

Class 5 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ - 1 Procedure

Rick DeMulling - VIP

Class 5 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ - 1 Procedure

Payment Options

Offering extended plans available up to 60 months and interest free plans from 6-18 months. Helps make the treatments and procedures you want possible today.


Let your money go further and take better control of your cash flow when you pay in smaller, more manageable monthly installments


Extended plans available up to 60 months and interest free plans from 6-18 months. The variety of payment plans offered allows you to find the monthly payment that fits best in their budget.


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Joe Bergen

Former Staff Sergeant, Joe Bergen, started noticing his hair loss during his first tour in Iraq when he would take his helmet off and notice more hair than usual in the pads. Over the years, Joe’s hair loss progressed further from hairline through to his crown. He wanted a permanent solution to his hair loss and the Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure gave him more hair and more coverage in just one procedure.

Rick DeMulling - VIP

Indianapolis’ Rick DeMulling had a flourishing career as a professional football player for 7 years. Like many former professional athletes, looking your best wasn’t a high priority until retirement and the prospect of being out in public. Being close friends with local sports broadcaster, JMV from 1070 The Fan and seeing what PAI had done for his hair, Rick came in to see what could be done for his hair loss.