Laser Hair Therapy

Effective Non-Surgical Solution For Hair Loss

FDA approved low-level laser light therapy is a proven and safe non-surgical approach for thickening and helping treat and control hair loss for men and women with fine hair. A typical treatment is 30 minutes and will not affect how you wear and style your hair.

Laser Hair Therapy also has many benefits

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Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

Not only can you improve the health of your existing hair and scalp, which will minimize future thinning, we can also promote new hair growth through FDA-approved products. Another aspect of our program includes intensive scalp therapy treatments and a product regimen prescribed specifically for each individual hair and scalp condition.

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Did you know that you lose 50% of the hair in an area before you even notice it? Low-level laser hair therapy is a treatment that works when hair loss is in the early stages. It is a non-thermal laser technology that helps to aid in cell metabolism and microcirculation. This in turn helps provide an ideal growing environment for your hair. For optimal results, begin treatment before the follicle stops producing hair. Widely recognized as the most effective non-surgical way to treat early onset hair loss, low-level laser therapy is an FDA approved treatment that uses a very specific laser light spectrum to regrow recently lost hair. It also improves the overall health and condition of thinning hair.

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Scientific Measured Benefits of Low Level Light Laser

In the most recently conducted FDA clinical trials of the device patients studied were men and women with thinning hair in the scalp area. The patients received two low-level laser light treatments per week over a six month period. See how Laser Light Therapy creates results for our clients in our video below.

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