Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Through our exclusive partnership with Transitions Indy, we offer non-invasive, non-surgical hair replacement solutions for both men and women. For people who experience a significant amount of hair loss/balding or for those who are unable to re-grow their own hair, a non-surgical replacement option will provide exceptional results

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Any Color, Any Style.

Our non-surgical hair replacement options offer a completely natural front hairline, age-appropriate density, and perfect color match. Moreover, the scalp appears normal and visible when the hair is parted with an uninterrupted scalp. There is no perceptible change in coloration, appearance, or feel between the original hair and scalp and the hair and scalp that has been treated. Our non-surgical hair replacement options were developed through the efforts of Transitions International, the leader in hair replacement organizations worldwide (of which Transitions Indy is a proud member). Unlike treatments or surgery, non-surgical hair replacement guarantees a significant increase in density.

A Natural Look

Are you ready for your very own custom made hair system? For over 20 years, Transitions Indy has been Indiana’s most trusted name in hair restoration. We provide hair restoration and replacement solutions for those suffering the devastating effects of hair loss, thinning hair, and baldness. We understand that an investment in your appearance and self-confidence is one you’ll approach carefully. We also understand that many people will be interested in financing options to cover the costs of hair restoration. That’s why we make it easy to restore your hair and regain your confidence. We take great pride in providing our clients with the latest breakthroughs in male and female hair restoration solutions.

Natural-Looking Solutions for Hair Concerns

Our staff will be sensitive to your needs and fully educate you on what can be done to address your concerns with your hair. Unlike a “hairpiece”, “wig” or “toupee,” these options provide a natural look through innovative technology utilizing your own hair. You can swim in your system, go skydiving, ride in a convertible – the possibilities are endless.