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Paul Poteet - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

We're Growing Paul Poteet's Hair!

You may know him by either his voice or his face. Paul Poteet (Mister Weatherman) is getting his hair back! Paul is a well know guy through many channels of media, whether its radio, TV or online. Over the years, Paul’s forecast became a bit cloudy, realizing that his hair was starting to disappear. Hearing his wife say that his face was getting a bit longer and that wasn’t due to gravity, Paul decided to do something about it! Mister Weatherman is now a WeGrowHairIndy VIP and you will be able to see his progress from his day of procedure through his final results with our trademarked hair transplant approach, Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™.

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Why Get a Hair Transplant? - Who Is Paul Poteet (Mister Weatherman)

The start of Paul’s journey to get his hair back did not start looking into this for himself. Actually, he was looking into a solution for his son, who was led down a different path then the Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant procedure. Listen here to learn a little bit more about who Paul Poteet is and how he found himself getting his hair back with PAI Medical Group of Indianapolis!