We’re Growing Paul Poteet’s Hair! (Mister Weatherman)

You may know him by either his voice or his face. Paul Poteet (Mister Weatherman) is getting his hair back! Paul is a well know guy through many channels of media, whether its radio, TV or online. He has established a way to brand himself and make his name known as the man to get the latest and most accurate weather today. He started his endeavors as a disc jockey in Huntington and Fort Wayne Indiana in 1979 and saw his first time on radio when he was a teenager on Q95 in 1982.  Shortly after that he made his way to TV for channel 4 for his initial debut in weather and the rest was history, working with several large networks such as WISH-TV, WTHR, WZPL, as well as 13 years as a cast member on the 99.5FM Smiley Morning Show. Over the years, Paul’s forecast become a bit cloudy, realizing that his hair was starting to disappear. Hearing his wife say that his face was getting a bit longer and that wasn’t due to gravity, Paul decided to do something about it! Mister Weatherman is now a WeGrowHairIndy VIP and you will be able to see his progress from his day of procedure through his final results with our trademarked hair transplant approach, Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™.



Poteet Hair Forecast

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Now Has His Own Commercial!

[HAIR TRANSPLANT UPDATE] – Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

Mister Weatherman has more hair coming in his forecast!

What to expect: Approximately 40% more hair growth to come.



Hair Transplant UPDATE with Fox 59 Marketplace

Fox 59 Marketplace comes to PAI Medical Group to get the latest update on Paul Poteet (Mister Weatherman) and how his hair is doing! Paul is now 6 months post his Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant procedure and is already starting to notice a huge difference. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates through the next 6 months of his journey.

6 Month Hair Transplant Update | WISH-TV Indy Style

BREAKING NEWS! Paul Poteet (Mister Weatherman) checks in with a hair transplant update on WISH-TV Indy Style. Paul is now 6 months post Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant procedure. The decreasing cloudiness is quickly turning to days of sunshine. Even if you have a little bit of hair loss, like Paul, hair restoration can make a large impact on your overall look. Paul discusses his journey so far along side with Clinic Director Darren Andrews and host Tracy Forner.


Proven Hair Loss Solution PAI & Paul on Boomer TV

Paul Poteet (Mister Weatherman) and Clinic Director Darren Andrews take a behind the scenes tour of our hair restoration clinic. Here they discuss Paul’s day of procedure and the other proven hair loss solutions that are offered at PAI Medical Group. Regardless, if you are losing your hair due to genetics, hormones or medical reasons, there is a solution for you.

This Just In! Decreasing Cloudiness - Paul's 4 Month Public Annoucement

This just in! Paul Poteet (Mister Weatherman) gives us a live update on his status after having his hair transplant 4 months ago. See how things have progressed for him!

Hair Transplant Technical UPDATE (4 Months)

Here you will get to see a technical 4 month follow up and what is to be expected at this stage in the process. At 4 months, this is the early stages of new growth that is coming from the transplanted hairs. Very exciting update!

BREAKING NEWS: Paul Poteet 30 Days Post Hair Transplant

Just in, Paul Poteet with a 30 day post hair transplant update! Mister Weatherman had his Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure with us 30 days ago and has been very busy since then. Catch up with Paul and see how this progression has been with him going to Cincinnati 7 days after having his procedure and being on live TV and much more!

10 Day Post Hair Transplant Timeline

I you have ever been curious what you would look like 10 days post hair transplant procedure, take a look at Paul’s timeline here. Paul takes us through his day to day giving updates on how he is progressing after having his Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant procedure.

Paul Poteet Gets a Hair Transplant! Watch the Full Video or in 3.5 Mins

Sunny days are in the hair forecast for Mister Weatherman, Paul Poteet! Well known radio and TV personality, Paul Poteet, is getting his hair back with PAI Medical Group of Indianapolis using the trademarked approach, Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™. Here you will be able to see Paul Poteet go through his hair transplant procedure to redefine his hairline and fill in his crown.

See Paul Poteet’s full play video here!

For those of you that like to get straight to the point, here is Paul Poteet’s short version of his day of hair transplant procedure.

Paul Poteet Becomes PAI's Newest VIP on INDY STYLE

Paul Poteet and his son Graham joins Clinic Director, Darren Andrews, on INDY Style for the reveal as the next VIP! Paul originally came in after seeing the results that his good friends, Don Stuck, Gunner and JMV achieved and wanted to see what could be done for his son Graham who has been losing his hair since he was 17. Here you will hear how both Paul and his son will get getting their hair back but with two different methods and see when Paul will be getting his Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ will be done! Be sure to stay tuned for updates!

Who is Paul Poteet (Mister Weatherman)? - Why Get a Hair Transplant?

The start of Paul’s journey to get his hair back did not start looking into this for himself. Actually, he was looking into a solution for his son, which was led down a different path then the Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant procedure. Listen here to learn a little bit more about who Paul Poteet is and how he found himself getting his hair back with PAI Medical Group of Indianapolis!