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To learn more about all of our proven hair restoration solutions, schedule a free consultation. Our hair restoration experts have all procedures themselves. Meet with one of them to see which option is right for your hair type, budget, and lifestyle.

Hair and Scalp Analysis We Grow Hair Indy

What to Expect

Hair and Scalp Analysis We Grow Hair Indy

After submitting the form above, we will contact you to schedule your consultation date. Prior to the consultation, we will request that you fill out a questionnaire detailing your hair loss concerns. During your free, one-hour consultation, you’ll meet with one of our hair restoration consultants. If your visit is in person, they’ll conduct a hair and scalp analysis in order to understand the condition of your scalp and make a personalized recommendation. If your consultation is virtual, we ask that you provide a few photos so that we’re able to conduct an evaluation online.