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Gunner - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™

We’re Growing Gunner’s Hair!

As one of the leading and highest profile radio DJs in Indiana Dave “Gunner” Gundaker, of “Q95” and “Stuck & Gunner” fame, is one of the most well known voices in radio. Now you get to put a face to the voice and with it watch Gunner get his hair back. As Gunner said “I got tired of wearing hats all the time and I wanted to get the youthful 35 year old Gunner back”. Here we follow Gunner through the weeks prior to his Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure right through the growing cycle 12 months post procedure as his new hair grows in. Gunner could have chosen anywhere to have his procedure so we are very proud he joined the thousands of other guys we have helped over the years.

Follow The Journey Of Gunner

12 Months

TV Commercial | See Gunner’s 12 Month Results!

Gunner, after his Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure, is about to go big time with his new billboard and commercial. It has only been 12 months since his procedure at PAI was done and now he is ready for everyone to see!

Gunner - VIP