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Jjanga Horne - Proven Hair Loss Treatments

Jjanga is on her way to a full head of thick, healthy, long hair!

Jjanga is local to the Indianapolis area, but her modelling work stretches internationally. She is also a well-known beauty influencer on various social platforms and her hair is an important part of her identity. She is also a mom to 3 beautiful children, a wife, and a dog mom to 3 fur babies! After just giving birth to her 3rd child, she was worried about experiencing post-partum hair loss as she had previously with her other two children. After meeting with our Trichologist, she is now starting her journey with us doing Laser Hair Therapy and Biological Growth Factor treatments to prevent her post-partum loss, as well as increase the speed at which her hair is growing. After recently cutting her hair into a pixie-cut for a modelling job and wants to grow her hair back as soon as possible. We are so happy that Jjanga has trusted We Grow Hair Indy to ensure that her hair is always runway ready! Stay tuned to watch her progress.

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Hair Care Routine During Treatment

Jjanga’s hair looks amazing! Her hair looks so healthy and has been growing so fast! She follows the trichologist recommend hair care routine for her at-home care, and comes in for her treatments regularly to get the best results from her plan.