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Darren Andrews is joined by fellow PAI hair transplant client Dan Ferraro. In this segment, Dan talks about the fact that he initially went elsewhere and had his procedure done. He wasn’t completely satisfied with his results so he came to PAI for another procedure and he got the results he was looking for in one procedure. At PAI, Dan had the trademarked Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedure performed, and he was delighted with the difference in results.

Darren also shows examples and explains how PAI can take the bad and unnatural results, that were common with older, less-advanced procedures, and correct them to give a completely natural result.

PAI performs only hair transplants and is the ONLY (Clinic) in Indiana to offer Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™. The transplanted hair is permanent, natural and will grow for the rest of your life, GUARANTEED. It IS your hair! Multi-Unit Hair Grafting can restore more hair in a single procedure than other procedure, which saves you time and money. And the results are natural! Many say having their hair again has made them more confident and active, and helped them feel better about themselves.

Call for a Free Evaluation—a very private, personal evaluation—and find out why you are losing your hair and if hair transplants are the best solution for you. Please call 317.522.2995 or enter your email to request a consultation online.