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Regrow Your Postpartum Hair Loss with Laser Hair Therapy

Changes in the hormone estrogen during and after pregnancy cause postpartum hair loss. In the last trimester of pregnancy, your estrogen levels increase and this prevents the typical shedding of hair. You may notice that your hair is lush and thick during this time. After childbirth, estrogen levels drop. This causes a large number of hairs to enter the resting phase of hair growth. After a few months, this hair starts to excessively shed and you may notice visible thinning. Adjusting to having a new baby can be stressful. Postpartum hair loss can cause additional stress and anxiety, but hair loss after childbirth is normal and very common.

1. Consultation with a Hair Loss Specialist:

Heather’s hair started falling out after the birth of her second child, and it wouldn’t grow back the same as it was before. Her dad, Kevin Freeman from WFMS, had come to We Grow Hair Indy for a hair transplant and she was seeing his incredible results, so he brought her in to see how we could help. Heather started Laser Hair Therapy, and in only 6 months has seen dramatic improvements in her hair’s length, thickness and texture! Laser treatments can be completed in 30 minutes 1-2x per week, and fit in with your busy schedule.

Heather’s Journey to Thicker Hair

Did you know that you lose 50% of the hair in an area before you even notice it? Low-level laser hair therapy is a treatment that works when hair loss is in the early stages. It is a non-thermal laser technology that helps to aid in cell metabolism and microcirculation. This in turn helps provide an ideal growing environment for your hair. For optimal results, begin treatment before the follicle stops producing hair. Widely recognized as the most effective non-surgical way to treat early onset hair loss, low-level laser therapy is an FDA approved treatment that uses a very specific laser light spectrum to regrow recently lost hair. It also improves the overall health and condition of thinning hair.


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