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With 15 years of radio experience, Crate came to Indianapolis from Nashville. His love of music discovery has helped him stay in touch with the alternative crowd. Crate doesn’t just stop at being a radio host though. Not only does he handle Alt’s PM drive, he’s also has amazing production skills—helping with imaging for the station as well. Crate has always been obsessed with his hair and messing with it in the mirror on a daily basis but started to realize there was less for him to mess with! For this very reason, Crate came to PAI Medical Group of Indiana to help him get his hair back. Being a guy that is into all the latest technology, the ARTAS Robotic FUE hair transplant really appealed to him since this procedure is the world’s most advanced medical device for FUE hair transplantation. Crate had his procedure on March 26th, so be sure to follow his progress here on his VIP page to see his upcoming ARTAS FUE hair transplant procedure results!

Follow his journey.

Crate 4 Month Update

Crate stopped by to see us today for his 4 month ARTAS Robotic FUE hair transplant follow-up! We're seeing early stages of growth at this point, and it will take a full 12 months for the final result. He couldn't look any better at this 4 month milestone! Stay tuned to see his results over the coming months.

4 months

Crate 4 Month Post Hair Transplant [Approximately 50% Growth]

Crate is 4 months post his ARTAS Robotic FUE hair transplant procedure. Check out his 4 month results compared to his before pictures! At this point, Crate can expect about 50% more growth. Final results take 12 months. In the before photos, the marker represents the hairline design immediately pre-procedure. Stay tuned to see his results over the coming months!

4 months

Crate 2 Months Post Procedure

Crate is now 2 months post his ARTAS Robotic FUE hair transplant! Clinic Director, Darren Andrews, joins Crate to check on his progress. Darren explains how it takes 60 – 90 days for the transplanted hairs to get out of the resting phase and start growing. You’ll notice there are already early signs of growth!

2 months

Crate 10 Days Post Procedure

Crate is 6 weeks out from his ARTAS Robotic FUE hair transplant! In this video you'll see Crate's experience throughout his first 10 days after the procedure. It takes 60 – 90 days for the transplanted hairs to get out of the resting phase and start growing but there are already early signs of growth! The ARTAS is the worlds most advanced FUE procedure. It has accuracy and precision unmatched by any other FUE procedure….all this while eliminating the human error element that is typical with other FUE procedures. The ARTAS procedure provides natural results, and it’s virtually pain free and minimally invasive.

10 days

Crate From ALT 103.3FM Had His ARTAS FUE Hair Transplant Procedure!

Crate had his ARTAS FUE hair transplant! Here you can watch the day of his procedure from start to finish.

Day of Procedure

Crate Live On Indy Style Before ARTAS FUE Hair Transplant

Alt 103.3FM’s radio host, Crate, is on Indy Style discussing upcoming ARTAS Robotic FUE hair transplant procedure along side with Clinic Director Darren Andrews! Darren also discusses the other known hair restoration options such as our trademarked procedure, Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Laser hair Therapy. Stay tuned to see his day of procedure video coming to you soon!

Before Procedure

Crate From ALT 103.3FM Is Scheduled For His ARTAS FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

Crate from Alt 103.3FM is getting his ARTAS FUE hair transplant done on March 26th! Here he is before his procedure and cannot wait to see what his hair is going to look like after it is all done. Keep coming back to his VIP page to continue getting regular updates on his progress. More picture and video updates to come soon!

Before Procedure

Introducing Crate as our next VIP on Fox59 Marketplace!

Clinic Director Darren Andrews joins Fox 59 Marketplace in introducing our latest ARTAS Robotic FUE hair transplant VIP, Crate from 103.3FM! Crate is a tech guy and loves the latest technology, which the ARTAS really appealed to him for that reason. The ARTAS FUE is the world's most advanced FUE method providing extreme accuracy and precision when extracting the follicles to be used for transplantation. See what Crate has to say about his upcoming procedure and why he wanted to get his hair back!

Before Procedure

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