Dave Furst is revving up for hair restoration...again!

That's right, again! Dave Furst came to us in 2012 and had a Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ Hair Transplant. 10 years later, Dave is ready for a tune-up. Dave was a leader of the WRTV sports team channel for two decades, and now VP of Communications for one of the leading motor racing organizations! Dave’s career has allowed him to be involved in some of the most memorable sports occurrences in Indiana. He is well-known in the Indianapolis community and currently lives in Carmel with his wife and 3 kids. Recently, he has noticed that he is losing more of his non-transplanted hair and reached out to us about getting a second procedure. Dave has realized the impact that hair loss can have on those with thinning hair, and wants to spread the message to his community. We are honored that he has chosen We Grow Hair Indy once again to put his best face, and hair, forward for his exciting new chapter in the motor racing industry.

Follow his journey.

Dave's sutures are out! One step closer to completing his hair transplant journey! We will follow up with Dave again at his 30 day mark to see how his transplanted area is looking.

11 Days After Procedure

Dave's update 8 days after his Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ Hair Transplant! Dave is already ready to get back on camera just 8 days after his procedure. Stay tuned for an update after he gets his sutures removed in a few days!

8 Days After Procedure

Have you ever wondered what the process is like getting a Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ Hair Transplant at We Grow Hair Indy? Dave walks you through the entire day to give you a better idea! Stay tuned to see more of his journey through the next 12 months.

Day of Procedure

Dave Furst is all set for his second hair transplant coming up this week! We can't wait to see his results!

Before Procedure

Take a closer look at Dave's hair loss. His upcoming Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ transplant will fill in the thinner areas and the result will be a fuller and natural look.

Before Procedure

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