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Question #1

Does It Hurt?

People tend to notice little to no discomfort during the actual procedure. This is in direct contrast to the old methods of yesteryear when modern pain-management techniques were more archaic and less efficient. The medical advancements in today’s pain-management techniques ensure a comfortable and pleasing experience for a person undertaking a hair-transplant procedure.

A mild sedative is given before the procedure to help ease any apprehensiveness or nervousness. Local anesthetic is also administered in the area that the procedure is performed, although there usually is no feeling as a result of the previously administered sedative.

Some occasional mild sensitivity can be experienced on the night of the procedure in the donor area. A prescription for a pain reliever is given to most patients, but simple over-the-counter medicine usually will take care of what is only a temporary discomfort for most people.

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The procedure didn’t hurt, but recovery took a bit longer than I expected and I had a bit more pain than I thought I’d have- that being said, I would do it again.
Anonymous December 16, 2021
No pain, no gain.
Brian Deakins October 28, 2021
A little discomfort the first couple nights where the grafts were harvested but not painful.
Gregg October 28, 2021
Not at all.
J.H. October 19, 2021
No pain at all, slight tightness.
K.K. October 15, 2021
No, there is no pain during the procedure, and only minor discomfort for the first couple of days after the procedure.
Rohil Daya July 24, 2021
The first day isn’t bad, day 2 through 5 are the worst with swelling.
Anonymous July 15, 2021
As a medical procedure pain is expected, with treatment and care taking this can be minimalized.
Tyler Ames June 23, 2021
No pain.
Joe Harter May 25, 2021
Minor discomfort. Everything was manageable.
Anonymous May 25, 2021
In the beginning it started out rough with the stitches being in my head but the transplant area didn’t bother me as much as I thought.
Anonymous May 5, 2021
In the beginning it started out rough with the stitches being in my head, but the transplanted area didn’t bother me as much as I thought.
Will Johnson May 4, 2021
Nope! The pain is localized. You have a headache following the surgery, but as the swelling subsides there are no issues.
David Schrumpf April 27, 2021
It was more uncomfortable to sleep than pain. “Zero gravity chair” is the answer to that.
Josh Mullins March 17, 2021
First 2 weeks there is some pain & discomfort but subsides after that
Seth Puckett March 3, 2021
I never experienced any pain and I have an extremely low pain tolerance. The itching was unpleasant, but not painful. The itching subsided after a few days.
Ryan Denney February 23, 2021
Procedure itself does not hurt. Post op – there is some discomfort but not unbearable.
C.W. February 18, 2021
There is some discomfort and swelling for about a week but otherwise, pain is not excruciating.
Anonymous January 20, 2021
No. Tenderness for a few months.
Kurt Vetters January 14, 2021
The procedure wasn’t painful at all. Mild soreness around the suture only lasted for about a week.
Anonymous December 16, 2020
Not during surgery. A little discomfort while harvest area heals.
Anonymous July 24, 2020
I had minimal pain for 1st 24-48 hours.
Dr. K.A. June 24, 2020
Mildly for the first few days.
Anonymous January 23, 2020
The procedure doesn’t hurt and after a few days there isn’t much pain at all.
Anonymous January 6, 2020
Hurt? no. A little discomfort for the first several days, yes. It’s surgery and to be expected. The healing process is quick.
K.R. November 22, 2019
There was mild pain and tenderness in the days following the procedure.
Michael O’Hara November 5, 2019
I was only uncomfortable for maybe a week after the procedure. Pain wasn’t bad.
Blake Elliott October 11, 2019
A little mild pain but it’s worth it.
Anonymous October 10, 2019
Slight discomfort the first few days following the procedure.
E.W. October 3, 2019
The grafts do not much, but there will be some slightly bothersome swelling for a few days.
Darrin Danhauer October 2, 2019
No pain that I noticed, a couple Tylenol for discomfort.
Bill Lyons September 10, 2019
Jeff Jackson August 30, 2019
Not really – it is a little “itchy” or “tingly” for a few days, but not an impediment. Sleeping is a bit of a challenge for the first 7-10 days because of having to keep head in the right position, but nothing more than that.
Peter Bitar August 22, 2019
It was a little uncomfortable, but bearable for the great result.
J.W. August 14, 2019
There was no alarming pain. In fact, it was never beyond a mild pain even at worst.
Anonymous August 6, 2019
I did not experience pain but soreness at the harvest area for 2 weeks.
Steven Smith June 17, 2019
I did not feel a thing during the procedure. I was very comfortable for the whole thing. . After the procedure, it was nothing that a little medication and ice packs couldn’t fix.
Anonymous March 21, 2019
No pain in grafted area. Slight discomfort in the area where the hair was removed. Everything was very easy.
Ray Anderson March 12, 2019
Not as much as you would think. Much easier than expected.
Allen C. February 20, 2019
There was some slight discomfort the day of the procedure. I felt some tightness in the back of my head as well. I was easily able to manage the discomfort with a cold compress.
J.K. January 29, 2019
I did not experience any pain during the procedure.
Kevin Link January 25, 2019
Not for me. I only took tylenol but i had stronger stuff if i needed it.
Tony M. January 14, 2019
There is some slight discomfort in that first 2-3 days but it wasn’t an issue.
Anonymous December 22, 2018
There was slight discomfort in the first few days. Well worth the time, the small inconvenience, and the money.
Anonymous November 8, 2018
I had 2-3 days of light discomfort but nothing that was not manageable.
Anonymous November 7, 2018
At first i had some mild pain for a couple of days.
G.P. November 3, 2018
No pain, never used any painkillers. It was sore but never painful.
B.J. October 10, 2018
There is no pain involved. Start to finish you won’t feel a thing.
Jay P. September 29, 2018
There was no discomfort during the procedure. I had a little bit afterwards as the scalp healed.
Anonymous September 7, 2018
There was a little discomfort after the procedure but nothing major.
J.S. September 7, 2018
– Minor soreness on scalp for a day. Nothing that wasn’t expected. – No procedure pains.
B.A. August 2, 2018
After the procedure there was discomfort in the donor area, which they prescribed meds to help. After the first day these little to no discomfort!
BS June 11, 2018
The procedure was totally painless. There was some mild soreness post – procedure, but this was minimal and resolved quickly.
Anonymous May 29, 2018
The procedure did not hurt. There was a small amount of discomfort from some swelling and some in the donor area, but it is very minimal.
April 21, 2018
Very little discomfort. Really no pain just a little sore in the donor area for a couple of days.
Steve M. April 4, 2018
No. My scalp felt somewhat numb for a while, but it gradually went away – has been normal for a long time now.
J.C. April 4, 2018
Not really. There is some discomfort, but that goes away after a few days.
Jeff Williams April 3, 2018
No. Outside of the little pain on the first night there was no pain and no pain during the actual procedure.
T.M. March 6, 2018
I did have some mild pain for the first 2 days. I was given some medication and was able to manage it that way.
Jeff Cook March 6, 2018
There was a tiny bit of discomfort after the procedure from the donor site but that went away quickly. I experienced no discomfort at all during the actual procedure.
Dan Way March 2, 2018
I would not describe having any pain, minimal discomfort at most. I didnt need any pain medication.
James Canady March 1, 2018
There was no pain at all during the procedure, i was as happy as a clam! I had a little discomfort in the first couple of days after that but nothing of any concern and it was easily managed. Procedure was a Friday and i was back in my office the following Monday.
Jean-Paul Etienne January 5, 2018
There was no pain at all during the procedure. I did have some light pain after the procedure and i expected this. It is a mild surgery but still a surgery so some discomfort was to be expected.
Alec Stephens December 27, 2017
There was no pain at all during the procedure and the doctor and medical team were very professional. After the procedure I had some slight discomfort from tenderness, but all was very tolerable. On a scale from 1-10 I would say it was a 3.
Mike November 10, 2017
No pain at all during the procedure. I found it to be very easy and the Dr. and nurses mad me feel at ease. There was a little bit of mild pain for the first 24 or so hours after but I was able to manage it easily.
Ken Sothman October 28, 2017
No pain during the procedure. I did use a neck pillow for a few days after to help sleeping but everything went smoothly.
Randy P. October 13, 2017
I had some very mild discomfort post procedure but I was able to control that. There was no pain at all during the procedure.
Ryan Hussy October 13, 2017
I felt no real pain at all. Slight itching and uncomfortable at the incision site for a short while afterwards. It is truly remarkable how pain free it is.
Kevin September 26, 2017
Nope. Easier than going to the dentist.
Karl Jerome August 31, 2017
During the procedure, you feel nothing thanks to the meds they give you even if you wake up nothing. After though you get something like a light headache but if you take the bandage off and then ice the extraction area you’ll be fine. Invest in a travel pillow it’ll hold the ice packs and make sleeping a breeze. There is a numbness to the back of the head but that fades in the following days.
Ian August 19, 2017
There was no pain at all during the procedure. I woke up mid way through a movie and fell back asleep until it was done. Keep up on your pain meds as prescribed and ice like crazy and you will be fine. You will naturally have some discomfort but it will be well worth it in the end. I only wish I would have done this sooner! Very happy!
Jim July 17, 2017
There was no pain during the procedure. There was mild pain for a day or two after but i was able to manage that with over the counter medication.
Ryan S. July 14, 2017
At no point did the procedure hurt. The sleep i got was nice and when i woke up they were nearly finished and i was able to watch Hitch on the TV.
Justin Anderson July 8, 2017
There was no pain at all. The Dr and his team were professional, caring and thorough. The day went smoothly.
John Ahalt June 17, 2017
No. The procedure was handled well and basic pain meds managed this. I had no discomfort.
Tom Bakken June 15, 2017
There was no pain during the procedure. I was under light sedation so the time went by like a 5-minute nap to me. There was slight discomfort following the procedure that I understood would take place but was easily managed. I would say that the discomfort following was just trying to keep my sutures from rubbing on the pillows. A neck pillow is highly recommended and I have to agree as it made relaxing very easy. I have had no other pain at all and the discomfort subsided shortly after the 3rd day.
Richard May 2, 2017
I had zero pain during and after the ARTAS procedure. Great job!
LF February 28, 2017
No pain during the procedure. The first couple of nights I had to adjust to sleep in a recliner with a neck pillow. My best friend became my shower as I would stand below a steady stream of water hitting my scalp to help the very small scabs come off.
DM February 10, 2017
The procedure itself doesn’t. I don’t even remember it to be honest but that is just a normal effect of the drug they use. After the procedure, I think I used 2 pain pills they prescribed and the rest of the recovery was just Ibuprofen and ice.
Ian February 7, 2017
The procedure was painless for me (local anesthetic). The pain afterwards was easily managed with the medicine prescribed for the first 2 days and Ibuprophen did the trick after that.
J Brown January 23, 2017
I was sedated during the entire procedure, so it was pain-free. The sutured area of the donor site had some pressure and pain that was well-controlled with frequent ice and some occasional pain meds. The area that the hairs were grafted did not hurt.
Craig November 22, 2016
There was no pain during the procedure. I had some swelling around my eyes for a couple of days and tenderness around the harvest area for a while, but the discomfort didn’t even warrant a Tylenol.
Brian November 12, 2016
There was no pain during the procedure at all. Plus I had a Physician friend of mine have a procedure with PAI so I knew what to expect. The Dr and team made me very comfortable and it was a good experience.
Greg C November 8, 2016
I experienced no pain during the procedure and only slight irritation in the following few days. The staff at PAI is very professional and does a great job of explaining the process and expectations prior to the surgery.
Andy October 26, 2016
I was extremely relaxed during the procedure and there was no pain. PAI’s team did a thorough job of explaining all the details of the procedure (step-by-step), so there were no surprises which I appreciated. The team also checked in with me the night after procedure and examined me the very next morning. I traveled about 325 miles to have this done by PAI. I did my homework before making this decision which included discussions with other hair replacement companies. PAI gave me more for my money and the experience was first-class!
Rick Hesterberg October 22, 2016
The procedure was a pain free experience and the Dr and medical team put me completely at ease. After the procedure the PAI staff took me to a nearby hotel, called to check on my status that evening, and picked me up in the morning. I went back to the clinic and they checked the area that was transplanted….. I felt really good about the entire experience.
Rod September 1, 2016
During the procedure, there was zero pain at all and truth be told for the next day or two, there wasn’t either. Going onto the third and fourth day, there was a little bit of discomfort but never really any pain to speak of. The procedure is not very invasive. After the procedure I just made sure that I slept in a recliner for a few days to make sure that I did not hit the grafts that were implanted and also to make sure the swelling stayed to a minimum.
Will August 10, 2016
There was no pain during the procedure and I had mild discomfort for a couple days after the procedure. I slept in a recliner with a neck pillow, the first night, to keep pressure off my head. I also had slight numbness for a time but that is now gone.
Scott June 24, 2016
There is no pain during the procedure and relatively little pain after it. You may feel some numbness and tinderness after the procedure but that is normal. Overall, it’s a procedure with little pain endured.
Tanner June 16, 2016
The day of the surgery was an absolute breeze. I think the hardest part was the anticipation leading up to the surgery and just nervousness. I wouldn’t say that I have a high tolerance for pain either, it just was a really easy process. The days following the surgery were not painful at all, just off and on mild discomfort but no more discomfort than that of a mild headache.
Jeff May 27, 2016
I personally experienced no pain and very little discomfort. The PAI team were very informative and comprehensive when it came to providing post procedure instructions. I never doubted I was in good hands.
Sean March 9, 2016
I had zero pain from the surgery. The swelling bothered me a little bit the night of and the next day, but I kept ice on the suture line, and took a little bit of pain medicine. For the results I have gotten, I would’ve gone through a lot more pain and it would still be worth it!
C February 10, 2016
Surprisingly no. I got a script for pain, but never got it filled. I would say not touching your head was the worst part because I rub my head when I am stressed at work.
Boiler February 10, 2016
No pain from the procedure. The only issue during recovery was from one part of where the stitches were which was something beyond uncomfortable but short of pain. It was a blessing to have the stitches removed a week later. From that point to now (15 months later), no issues at all.
Sam February 3, 2016
The short answer: No. I started watching a movie during mine, but then fell asleep. The end result may LOOK like it was painful, but I didn’t feel a thing, and even got to catch up on my Zzzzs.
Justin January 27, 2016
The procedure was very simple from my end. They let you choose a movie to watch. Didn’t feel a thing. Next thing I remember they said I was done. No pain, just some swelling. The results have so been worth it!
Chris January 25, 2016
I had an older procedure done before somewhere else and it was a painful, but at PAI it was a big difference maybe a little discomfort and that’s it.
Mike January 17, 2016
Medication was used for the procedure, so I didn’t feel a thing. After there was some discomfort for a few days, because you have to sleep sitting up, but other than that after the first 24 hours there is no real pain at all.
Greg Barrow January 2, 2016
I had my 2nd procedure in late August 2015. No pain at all either time during the actual procedure. I did have some mild pain associated with scalp tightness following my first procedure, as Darren said there would possibly be. However, an occasional pain pill took care of it. On my most recent procedure, I had Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and the experience was dramatically different. I have had no discomfort at all.
Kevin October 15, 2015
Little to no pain whatsoever. Slight discomfort for a week or so; however, the pain level is “as advertised”
Billy September 15, 2015
Little to no pain at all. There was a little tightness in the back of the scalp for the first week or so but it disappears quickly.
Cameron September 10, 2015
Some discomfort but nothing too bad. Definitely don’t let the fear of pain stop you from doing it. Trust me, do it.
Chris Katris September 9, 2015
No pain at all
Jeff August 9, 2015
I slept through most of the procedure and experienced very little pain. The biggest thing was the discomfort, but it is well worth it. You sleep sitting up for as much as you can that first week, which can get a little tiring, literally, but like I said, well worth it. You’ll notice swelling and numbness, but very rarely do you ever experience pain.
Erik April 10, 2015
I had no pain with the procedure. It was just a little uncomfortable sleeping up-right the first few nights. I only had tightness in the back of my scalp from where the strip was removed and stitched back up. Overall though I was shocked that there was little or no pain.
Cameron April 9, 2015
There really wasn’t much pain at all, certainly nothing to worry about. The first few days post-op the donor area might feel a little sensitive, but as long as you make sure to keep ice on it and not put too much pressure on the area then you’ll be fine.
Ryan March 18, 2015
The pain wasn’t an issue and the little that was there was worth the results. I am 4 months and extremely happy.
RM March 17, 2015
I remember very little about the procedure. Very little pain. There was some light discomfort in the following few days but it wasn’t pain. More of an itching type feeling which they tell me was part of the healing process with some people.
Mike M. March 9, 2015
No pain from the procedure. It was difficult to sleep because I had to sit up for the first night or two. It was worth it though.
Dan February 11, 2015
I had some mild discomfort right after the procedure, but it really didn’t hurt that much. It was more uncomfortable than painful.
Ryan Fields December 20, 2014
The procedure did not hurt at all! I was given a sedative prior to the procedure and felt comfortable the whole time. I had a little discomfort afterwards but was well controlled with just over the counter medication. Thanks again- to PAI and their remarkable work. I am much more confident out in public and meeting new people and more outgoing.
AD December 4, 2014
The million dollar question…I would say the procedure itself does not hurt. I only had minor discomfort post procedure (that was alleviated with standard medication) for a few days.
Eric November 14, 2014
I was really hesitant going into my procedure. I remember spending a lot of time reading these messages the night before my procedure because I was real nervous. These comments really put me at ease. I can safely tell you that I experienced very little pain (mostly just uncomfortable the first day or so). The entire process was amazing. So amazing, I have my second procedure next week!
Nick H. November 12, 2014
No discomfort before, during or after the procedure. My scalp felt a little “tight” for a few days after the procedure, but I felt no pain. I did not need any pain medication at all, and my wife says that I am a wimp when it comes to pain.
Cliff November 10, 2014
Honestly, the worst pain I felt was being stuck with the sedative before my procedure. Not going to lie, there is some tightness, and some discomfort in the donor area, but it’s easily manageable. The best way to describe the way you’ll feel post-op — it feels like you are wearing a hat. What you’ll feel is very doable…and very much worth the end result.
Joe L. November 4, 2014
I will be perfectly honest I had no pain really no discomfort. I just kept thinking of the results in 4 months and now Im excited about my 1 year mark. just do it, you will not regret it. Search no more PAI is the way to go Thanks PAI
Jeff Youker October 28, 2014
Of course not! They give you mild sedative and also numb the area… you ABSOLUTELY dont feel a thing!
Nick September 4, 2014
I did not find the procedure painful, I slept through most of it. A little bit of uncomfortness is the best way I would explain the following days. Overall it was very consistent with how Darren and PAI described it prior to the procedure.
Justin August 1, 2014
I had no pain at all during or after the procedure. The only thing I found awkward was sleeping the elevated the first couple of nights but trust me, it is worth it. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.
Jake J. June 18, 2014
There is definately discomfort post op for 3-5 days but well worth it for the results that are achieved.The donor area suture line was more uncomfortable for me than the grafted area.
Richard J May 28, 2014
During the procedure, none. The same day after the procedure, none. For the next couple of days after the procedure, I had some light pain, but nothing that Hydrocodon can’t cure. Well worth it.
Cody B May 20, 2014
It doesn’t hurt at all other than maybe slight tightness but that’s it. Besides, its worth a head full of hair.
Darren Green April 28, 2014
During the procedure you feel nothing. The next couple of days I had some mild pain but that was handled with medication. I did have a little bit of swelling as well.
Dave L. March 24, 2014
The procedure could not be any easier. The pain was almost nonexistent and the only discomfort I had was the numbness. In comparison, I had my wisdom teeth out about a year before going to PAI, and I can say that getting my wisdom teeth out was much worse than my operation at PAI. I’m about 7 months post-op and I still can’t believe how quick and easy the operation is. Don’t let the fear of a surgery keep you from having the procedure done, it is so simple and painless and the reward is far greater than any very mild discomfort you may have.
James B. February 7, 2014
I did have some mild discomfort for a few days after my procedure. This is mainly due to the type of loss I had experienced prior to the procedure. As well as working to fill in the areas for future hair loss.
Rick O January 16, 2014
Not at all. This was one of my concerns to start with but it was a simple process.
Tim P December 23, 2013
Only a little discomfort for the first week. But again, one week of sacrifice is well worth the results!
Nick December 3, 2013
There was no pain at all. I was asleep for most of the procedure. I had a little discomfort trying sleeping in a recliner for the first night or two, but other than that, the experience went well.
Luke E November 20, 2013
I had some numbness but it goes away. I also experienced a little pain right after but remember, I just had a surgical procedure but it is nothing to be concerned about and the overall discomfort only lasted a couple of days. I don’t remember the procedure and apparently slept through it.
Phil G November 6, 2013
I did have some mild discomfort for 2 days after the procedure but all things considered, I would still do it again. The doctor personally called me and checked in with me every day to see how I was doing. Four months into it I can tell you honestly I would go back to PAI and do it all again; they have been fantastic and it has been worth every penny!
Mario September 26, 2013
Pain is minimal. First couple of days I had some mild pain at times but nothing like I thought. I thought long and hard about this whole deal but in the end its been worth it and has boosted my self esteem, it is the way to go.
Andy August 29, 2013
The procedure itself….no. To some degree for a few days after the procedure….yes. But it was manageable for me. It definitely wasn’t like overwhelming pain. I used meds for maybe 2 days after the procedure then switched to regular Advil. It really wasn’t bad at all.
Jon July 12, 2013

There was a little discomfort but no real pain

G M Squiller June 27, 2013

There was no discomfort during the procedure. Post procedure I had mild discomfort. When the pain became a little intense I was comforted by the fact that PAI had prescribed me medication that really helped during the healing process. It did not hurt to touch the area when cleaning the transplanted site. I did have some tenderness but the pain was very mild. The results are outstanding, and the confidence is worth it all.

Preston L .June 24, 2013

I didn’t feel anything throughout the procedure, maybe because of Local anesthesia. The next couple of days were a bit uncomfortable. I iced the donor site and forehead and it helped a lot. But the results are worthy of this minor discomfort.

Vik June 24, 2013

I had some slight discomfort for a few days after the procedure, but nothing unbearable. The transplant area became a little itchy, but it improved within a week, or so. The entire process went very well.

Jay June 17, 2013

I felt nothing throughout the procedure, because of the pain medication. Post op pain wasn’t too bad, but I did feel uncomfortable for the first day. I iced the donor site and my forehead, and that helped considerably. By day three I felt fine.

Kathryn May 19, 2013

Again, I was amazed through the whole process. The pain and discomfort was minimal. I was back on my feet and doing my normal routine in no time at all. Hair transplants have come along way. The Doctor and his assistants were incredible. Before I knew it I was done. They explained to me what I needed to do after the procedure in detail. Darren and his staff provided phone numbers just in chase I needed to reach him personally.
Tracy Thomas April 30, 2013
The only pain I felt was some slight tightness and itching around the places where my hair was transplanted. I was pleasantly surprised about how much it didn’t hurt. I was expecting a long, painful event and was delighted to learn it was outpatient surgery. Couldn’t have gone better.
Jack C. March 15, 2013
You will feel a little pinch from an injection and that is the only discomfort you will feel from the entire surgery. The procedure is painless. A few hours post op, I took extra strength tylenol and continued using tylenol for two or three days. The area where they took the hair to transplant was a little sore for a few days. For me, the issue of pain was next to nothing. They will prescribe pain medication , so you will have it available , but I bet you will never use it.
Larry Y.February 21, 2013
My pain level at it’s worst was a 2 on a 10 scale. I had a level 12 performed on Monday, took medication on Tuesday only and by Thursday I was 100%. There is some tightness that exists for a few days afterwards and it does feel a little funny, but it is not painful.

Shaun N February 7, 2013

I’ve had two transplants and felt no pain during either of them. In the days that followed my first (more extensive) transplant, I had some discomfort from the swelling I had for a day or two after the procedure. Nights were fine, and I slept through them fine.
Mr. Adam Schwartz December 25, 2012
It is uncomfortable for the first few days but to call it painful would be an exageration. Taking it easy for first few days is important, however I was able to do all daily tasks without any concern. During the procedure, the anesthesia is managed very well and the procedure goes almost unnoticed. Just in case you have any little pain, it will go away with how well the staff at the clinic treats you! They are best in class.
R Sharma December 24, 2012
I felt no physical or mental pain, the only pain was making the decision to do the procedure, after I had it done that little pain has become a lot of pleasure!
Jim ColsonDecember 22, 2012

There was no pain involved with the procedure. The only pain I had post-opt was some swelling that lasted a few days and I did have some discomfort on my head because I had a level 12 procedure done. I still have a little discomfort when I wash my hair at the suture on the back of my head and a little on top.

Scott October 3, 2012
I had the procedure just 7 days ago. I had only mild sensitivity/tightness along my donor area (back of my head). I had NO PAIN in the area where the new grafts were placed. I took ZERO pain medicine after the procedure and took only extra strength tylenol at night time to help me sleep better. I followed the post instructions from PAI to a “tee” which was the key to keeping me “pain free.”
DF October 1, 2012
For me there was some mild pain after the procedure, but this can be managed easily. There is really no pain while it’s being performed. I had a little passing pain for a little over a week in the area the hair was taken from. The actual place where the grafts were implanted had no pain.
Kevin August 13, 2012
As for the procedure, i felt nothing. I wake up about an hour before they were done and just kept talking with the Dr. and his team till they were finished. I had to wait a short while till I could leave. The first day I felt fine. The second day the area the hair was taken was a little tender but not bad. The first few days were time consuming because you have to be so careful with your head and how you wash it. Other then that, everything was great. Everything healed and I have a ton of hair now. Thanks so much PAI… Brian G.

Brian G August 13, 2012

During the actual procedure you don’t feel a thing. For most of it you get to take a nice nap. The first couple of days I had the occasional bit of discomfort but nothing to major. The one thing that bugged me was a little bit of itching, but that is totally normal during the first week or so. It let me know I was healing well. A year later, the initial discomfort was totally worth it.
David August 10, 2012
I slept through most of the procedure. The next day after meeting with Melissa for a shampoo and style I went to 2 graduation parties. I followed the detailed directions i was given . Pain was very minimal.
Diane July 16, 2012
I had a procedure 5 years ago through a competitor and there was pain during the procedure and after it, especially from the suture area. I was told by PAI that the technology has changed now and that pain is not an issue. They were right, I had very little pain post procedure. The suture line was slightly uncomfortable, however, I never needed to take any medication. The worst part of the whole thing was staying up all the first night (by choice) to make sure i didnt bump or damage anything!
Steve July 3, 2012
I thought it was going to hurt a lot more than it actually did. I had a little bit of discomfort but It didn’t hurt much, even afterward… takes awhile for your hair to grow in but that’s part of the procedure. When it comes in, you just go WOW, awesome!
Jack Trudeau June 20, 2012
There was no discomfort during the procedue as I was slightly sedated. There was some discomfort for a couple of days. Not so much pain as tightness. I never had to take any medication for pain and slept okay afterwards. There were no surprised. It went exactly as described.
Mark H June 20, 2012
It did not hurt at all during the actual procedure but up to 3-4 days after the procedure you can feel some discomfort and that something had been done. I wouldnt say it was painful in that time but more an irritation.
Tuhin S. January 10, 2012
I had no pain at all during the procedure. My experience is that i did have a little mild discomfort for a couple of days after the procedure. It was more a case of sometimes i would forget I had something done and would bump my head and it would be a little uncomfortable but it was only really for the first 2-3 days and nothing I couldnt contend with. I went back for a standard follow up the day after the procedure and again after 10 days to meake sure everything was going ok and it was.
Scientist December 28, 2011
Didn’t hurt at all. In fact, post-procedure was the best time I had in weeks. Make sure you call a cab and do it before operation. Otherwise, who knows what you’ll end up with.
Matt B. December 12, 2011
I would not say the procedure hurts. The first night I remember having some slight discomfort and i did find it a little bit awkward to have to sleep a little elavated for the first day or 2. But what’s a few days of your life with sub-par sleep compared to the benefit of having a fuller, natural looking head of hair? Dr Waesche and his team did do a great job.

Jason W December 1, 2011

I am 4 months post op and the procedure was not painful at all. I had a some tightness and numbess in both the donnor area and the recipient site but after about a week or so the discomfort ceased. While I am only 4 months into this, I am completely satisfied. Any discomfort that I might have had is well worth the results thus far. If you are thinking about having this proecedure now stop thinking and start calling. You could not make a better choice than PAI Medical. From Darren to Melissa, to the many receptionists, to the nurses, to the Doctor, you are treated absolutely amazingly. They are always wearing a smile and do whatever they can to make your experience a great one. I am soooo thankful that I chose PAI. Without them I would still be searching for my next hat to wear.

Matt H. September 22, 2011

Right before the procedure i was given something to help me relax and in fact i dozed of for a little while and before i know it the team had nearly finished! Actually going through the procedure was one of my biggest concerns but I actually felt no discomfort during it and felt little to no discomfort the following days. Overall I was very pleased and found the post op recovery was a breeze. Thanks Darren, Dr. Waesche and PAI!

Chris W September 11, 2011

Dr. Waesche and the P.A.I. team not only offered me hope–THEY DELIVERED! The procedure was truly effortless(on my behalf) as the P.A.I. team was there for me every step of the way. The procedure itself was painless and I enjoyed sharing a few laughs with the girls while the procedure was in progress. I can report to all that I have had far more discomfort from a heavy training session than any aspect of the procedure!
Don D. August 27, 2011
There was some slight discomfort for a couple of days in the section where the hair was removed but it wasn’t serious and I have very sensitive scalp.You do feel some itching and a little tightness for a while, depends on the individual. I’m 4 months post surgery and extremely pleased with the results.

Mike McConnell August 18, 2011

There was nothing to it. There was no pain and in fact it all seemed to go very smoothly.The medical team was so great. They put me at ease and answered all of my questions. Dr Waesche was so kind and understanding and he did a great job, he really is wonderful at what he does.

Diane R. July 22, 2011

I did experience some discomfort after the procedure when the medicine wore off. I had minor tightness in the donor area for about a week. The minor pain was well worth it though. If I would ever need it done again, I would not hesitate.

Kathy G July 7, 2011

I am very tender-headed and have zero tolerance for pain to begin with and I survived, so don’t let that hold you back. Surgery day is very exciting!
Judy May 14, 2011
Forget about pain during the procedure – there isn’t any. I had some mild discomfort and some restless sleep the first couple of nights, but on a scale of 1 to 10 it was never more than a 3. I’m about 10 months removed from my 5900 hair procedure and I’ll admit there are still some sensitive spots every once in a great while where there is hair still growing in, but I wouldn’t change the results for anything. PAI blows Bosley and Hair Club out of the water, trust me I’ve been there.
J. DanielMarch 29, 2011
I have to admit that I am a big baby when it comes to pain. I have a very low tolerance for it. They prescribed pain medication for me, which I figured I would need. To this day, I have yet to use any of it. I took an Extra Strength Tylenol before I went to sleep in my recliner, just to help kinda relax me. That was pretty much it. In fact, the only sensations I really experienced was the itchiness as the folicles started to grow. The only real pain I have experienced during this whole process is that from kicking myself in the rear from not having this done before now! One other thing, if you do experience any pain, it will subside when you get that yearly survey, where they send you a picture of your hairline before. You will be in shock, and realize that it was ALL WORTHWHILE!
John S March 25, 2011
Very little pain as stated by many above. Slightly stiff neck from sleeping upright for the first few days but that was it. Took no pain medication and felt 100% after a few days. No big deal at all.
Jason AMarch 20, 2011
I was actually surprised by how little pain I felt during and after the procedure. The only real discomfort I had was the first couple of days when you have to sleep sitting up and being extra careful not to injure the grafts. It is now one year after my surgery and any discomfort I experienced is long forgotten because the results are amazing! I highly recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to get their hair back.
Ryan February 16, 2011
I didn’t feel a thing during the procdure….not a thing. Afterwards, I could feel pressure (nothing intolerable) from the swelling in both the transplant and the donor area, but used the pain meds to keep that under control and to help me sleep sitting up the first few nights. I think I took the minimal, not the full dose, and was fine. I just didn’t want the discomfort to create pressure problems in the transplant area. Then, after the stitches came out I felt much more normal. I can’t feel the stitch line with my fingers any more, after 6 months. I check out the new growth every day, and it still excites me after all the years of watching the size of the baldness increase. I’m so, so glad I had it done.

Donna E. January 4, 2011

my biggest fear!!!…how much pain? I am here to tell you ZERO. Hard to believe, but zero. I am 5 months post op (level 12). The actual procedure was a great nap for me. I woke up with about 10 min. left, I seriously didn’t feel a thing. The first couple of days after I had minor discomfort (I think most was from sleeping in a recliner with a neck pillow for 3 nights) and on day 4 and 5 I had a little forehead swelling. Day 7-10 I was washing my scalp and getting the tiny scabs off, without pain. Day 10 when the stiches came out, life was completely back to normal except for some slightly red scalp. Day 11-today…just watching it grow! Fantastic.

Jerad A. December 31, 2010

I’m not a huge fan of pain, but it was better than I thought it would be. Dr. Waesche made the experience seamless.

Todd December 28, 2010

I am 4 months post-op. The operation itself wasn’t painful at all. I could feel a little pressure at times but really no pain. At one point I felt a very slight sting, kind of like a mild bee sting, but it was only for a few seconds, but even that was minimal. I had some mild discomfort in the first few days after the procedure but it certainly wasn’t painful. I had a little tightness in the area in the back but when the suture came out that quickly eased. All in all I would have to say that it was much easier than I thought it would be.

Amran December 28, 2010