Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ FUT Hair Transplant

  • Up to 3x the amount of hair in a single session
  • Trademarked by PAI Medical
  • Maximizes hair per volume
  • Results in a natural appearance
  • Costs less per hair transplanted

Benefits of Multi-Unit Hair GraftingTM

Why choose PAI Medical Indiana and our Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ FUT hair transplant procedure? Let the benefits speak for themselves.

  1. Maximizes hair per volume
  2. Results in a natural appearance
  3. Is ideal for those with moderate to advanced hair loss
  4. Costs less per hair transplanted

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Enhanced Plasma Therapy With A Hair Transplant Procedure

Enhanced Plasma Therapy can also be used during hair transplant surgery to optimize results. Leading hair transplant practices around the world now recommend this treatment in conjunction with surgery.

"After my research, I chose PAI because of their Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ (MUHG) development and experience. It was the difference maker for me. 100% happy with my decision. My hair looks great."

- Jerad A.

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