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Survey: Majority Of People Would Rather Have More Hair Than Money

Indianapolis hair restoration surgeon advises a professional consultation for hair loss sufferers.

Indianapolis, IN, December 2009 — The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) has revealed the results of an online survey. When asked whether respondents would rather have more hair, more money, or more friends, 59.8 percent replied that they would rather have more hair. By comparison, only 26.2 percent of respondents chose more money, and 13.9 percent said they would rather have more friends. Of the 1,407 people polled, slightly more women (64.2 percent) than men (59.1 percent) indicated they wanted more hair than more money or more friends.

“I have been in the hair transplant practice for over 15 years, and the main reason given to me by patients for solving hair loss is that it is an investment for personal and professional reasons,” commented Dr. Jeffrey Waesche. Dr. Waesche is the PAI physician at the PAI Indianapolis clinic. “No matter what hair trends have come and gone, looking younger for both men and women is most often associated with having more hair. “And in this tough job market, that is more critically important.” continued Dr. Waesche. Recent scientific breakthroughs have made hair restoration a viable and affordable solution for the estimated 90 million men and women in North America suffering from male and female pattern hair loss. As with most medical conditions, the key to treating and preventing future hair loss is to treat it early with an effective solution.

“Hair restoration surgery is no longer a procedure exclusively for the very few or privileged; it is available and easily done for absolutely everyone. And just like upgrading one’s skills for a job, it’s one step for improving one’s self-esteem for new and better opportunities,”

Jeffrey Waesche, M.D. — PAI Medical Group

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