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Question #4

Are The Results Permanent?

This is another common question and concern for people seeking hair transplantation as a solution to thinning hair and loss of hair. Providing that an individual is a candidate, the results are most typically permanent for the remainder of one’s life. This is because the hair in the back area of the head is resistant to the DHT hormone that most commonly causes hairs in other areas to be lost. This DHT-resistant hair maintains that resistance for the rest of your life no matter where it is located on the head. This means that it is also permanent when it is transplanted to the new areas.

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Brian Deakins October 28, 2021
The definitely seem permanent.
J.H. October 19, 2021
Very, no hair loss only growth.
K.K. October 15, 2021

Yes – the technology used ensures that the results are permanent.

Rohil Daya July 24, 2021

Tyler Ames June 23, 2021

1 year in, everything has gone well.

Joe Harter May 25, 2021

Yes, the graphed area is permanent.
Will Johnson May 4, 2021
Yes: The grafted hair is taken from an area of your scalp that is not affected by DHT formation, like in the crown and hairline. I maintain the grafts with Laser Hair Therapy and medication.
David Schrumpf April 27, 2021
Yes, after one year more hair, with no hair loss.
Josh Mullins March 17, 2021
Yes, if you follow hair treatment regiment for non-transplanted hair
Seth Puckett March 3, 2021
Yes, the results I have experienced as well as others speak for themselves.
Ryan Denney February 23, 2021
Yes, but one has to be willing to maintain non-transplanted hair with proper maintenance.
C.W. February 18, 2021
Kurt Vetters January 14, 2021
I believe so but ask me in 20 years.
A.W. June 26, 2020
Dr. K.A. June 24, 2020
Yes, but additional supplements are needed to prevent further loss in the hair that wasn’t transplanted.
Anonymous January 23, 2020
Absolutely – and even after 1 year I still feel as though my hair is continuing to thicken.
K.R. November 22, 2019
Yes! The donated hair comes from an area on head that is resistant to hormones that cause hair loss.
Michael O’Hara November 5, 2019
Yes, my hair grows like crazy and consistently getting haircuts. Not embarrassed anymore when I go to the barber shop.
Blake Elliott October 11, 2019
Yes, I have also not experienced additional hair loss in other areas since following PAI’s instructions.
Darrin Danhauer October 2, 2019
Yes, permanent, I have not noticed any loss.
Bill Lyons September 10, 2019
Yes, the results are permanent.
Jeff Long September 9, 2019
Jeff Jackson August 30, 2019
They seem to be so far.
Peter Bitar August 22, 2019
Yes the are permanent
J.W. August 14, 2019
Absolutely! It is nice to be able to style my hair however I want.
Nick Yonts June 28, 2019
The results seem to be permanent. My hair looks and feels great!
Steven Smith June 17, 2019
After the procedure the transplanted hairs did go through a phase where you lose them but that is expected to happen. After that phase, the transplanted hair begins growing stronger and thicker hair. It looks and feels amazing!
Anonymous March 21, 2019
Yes – the transplanted hair grew in fast for me and is still very strong. I have not experienced any daily excess hair falls out.
Ray Anderson March 12, 2019
Yes, and I’m very satisfied at 1 year.
Allen C. February 20, 2019
The results are permanent. With the use of the recommended modalities for my existing hair, I have not lost anymore hair since I had the procedure.
J.K. January 29, 2019
The grafted hair is my own hair. Every day when i brush it, I have no visible hair loss from the grafted area.
Tony M. January 14, 2019
After the full year I now look and feel like a college student!
Anonymous November 8, 2018
G.P. November 3, 2018
After 13 months, I haven’t noticed any signs of losing the new hair. I would say it’s permanent!
Jay P. September 29, 2018
Yes, it has been a full year now and the transplanted hair is permanent.
J.S. September 7, 2018
Yes, the results are permanent. The hair on the back and the sides are genetically permanent hair.
Joe Bergen April 21, 2018
Yes, genetically permanent hair.
Steve M. April 4, 2018
Yes, has been a year now and my hair is doing well, looking much better than before.
J.C. April 4, 2018
Yes, the hair that was transplanted is permanent because the hair that was used from the back is resistant to hair loss. It’s simply moving that hair to replace the hair that has fallen out on top.
Jeff Williams April 3, 2018
Yes. Its been one year and they seem to be permanent.
Jeff Cook March 6, 2018
Yes! The transplanted hair is immune to the male pattern baldness and should stick around forever.
Dan Way March 2, 2018
Yes. Its my real hair. The grafts are taken from the areas that are resistant to hair loss.
James Canady March 1, 2018
Yes, absolutely. I am a Physician and when my patient’s see me they ask me what i had done, they cannot believe how great it looks!
Jean-Paul Etienne January 5, 2018
It was explained to me before the procedure that the hair that is taken from the back of my head is genetically permanent and will remain this way in the new area it is placed. I have no reason to think its not permanent 12 months out from the procedure
Alec Stephens December 27, 2017
My results have been permanent and i have had no loss of the transplanted grafts.
Randy P. October 13, 2017
Its been 2 years since the first of my 2 procedures and my hair looks great. Its still early but i have no reason to think it wont be permanent.
Ryan Hussy October 13, 2017
My results are definitely 100% amazing! I have had it cut and styled multiple times in the one year. It looks so full.
Kevin September 26, 2017
Multi unit grafting uses your own hair which is carefully transplanted to areas of hair loss. The hair looks and feels natural because it is your own hair.
Karl Jerome August 31, 2017
I’ve only had my procedure approximately 1 year ago but yeah I’d say it’s permanent. I’ve shaved it down for when I go do my military weekends then 2 weeks later I’m back to a wonderful full growth up top. The real-life problem now is to find a barber.
Ian August 19, 2017
I have seen no loss of the transplanted hair which i am told is what should be the case because the hair is genetically permanent.
Ryan S. July 14, 2017
The results appear to be permanent. It is your own hair and the follicles are resistant to the damage cause in the hair loss areas.
Justin Anderson July 8, 2017
13 months in so for so good! I’ve gotten many compliments on my hair in the past few months.
DM February 10, 2017
I am 1 year post-procedure and everything is going great. Following Darren’s recommendations, I continue to use laser treatment and Rogaine as well for maintenance of what was not transplanted. So far so good!
J Brown January 23, 2017
Yes, the results are permanent.
Craig November 22, 2016
Yes, I believe the results are permanent. I’m five months out and my transplanted hair is growing and thriving.
Brian November 12, 2016
I am confident that the transplanted hair is permanent. It has been 7 months and the results continue to improve.
Andy October 26, 2016
It has been a year and a half since my procedure and I am very satisfied with my results. I had a tremendous amount of thinning on the top of my crown. PAI restored my crown with thick hair and a good plan going forward to maintain my hair. It was exciting to watch the growth of my new hair. For me its about quality of life and I will never regret making this decision.
Rick Hesterberg October 22, 2016
I am 8 months out and so-far-so-good! The hair that was transplanted feels and is stronger than ever. I do not see my hair going anywhere anytime soon. This was one of the best choices I have made for myself.
Will August 10, 2016
It has been just over a year after my procedure and my transplanted hair looks just like the rest of my original hair. I was losing my hair in the front and on top. I now have hair like I did approximately 15 years ago. I would definitely recommend doing this to anyone that is having thoughts about their hair loss like I was.
Scott June 24, 2016
Yes, it has only been 5 months since my procedure.
Jeff March 9, 2016
My hair looks amazing and it is most certainly here to stay. I had started balding from the front which is what was addressed with the procedure. The days of looking in the mirror with despair as my hairline recedes more and more each day are nothing more than a bad memory.
Sean March 9, 2016
I used to leave a trail of hair, between my desk at work and my bathroom sink. Now no trace of hair falling out.
Boiler February 10, 2016
I’m only four months in and it is a night and day difference! The results are so impressive and the feedback has been amazing!
Chris January 25, 2016
The hair grafts are taken from the back of your head, a part of the scalp which is genetically protected from balding, so the results will last forever if properly maintained.
Greg Barrow January 2, 2016
Well it’s been 1 year and I’m so happy with the results
Jeff August 9, 2015
I’m a little over a year out and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I’ve gotten so many compliments about how great it looks!
Erik April 10, 2015
Yes, the results are permanent. The look is quite natural and flows with the rest of my hair.
Cameron April 9, 2015
The results are permanent and I wouldn’t want it any other way! The team did an unbelievable job putting the new hair in and I’m thrilled to hear that it’ll be staying there forever.
Ryan March 18, 2015
I used to be scared to even scratch an itch on my scalp, that my hand would have hair in it when I would look at it afterwards. Not any more. I have confidence that it’s there to stay.
Mike M. March 9, 2015
The hair is permanent. I know that my hair will stay for years to come!
Ryan Fields December 20, 2014
It has been two years since my procedure and the results are very much permanent. In fact, the transplanted hair is pretty much the only hair I have left in the front but it is full and strong.
Eric November 14, 2014
Yes, the growth is permanent. I treat the new growth just like the rest of my hair. There is no difference.
Cliff November 10, 2014
After a year so far, Id say so! These babies are locked in tight… I HIGHLY doubt they will ever come out.
Nick September 4, 2014
It has been 2 years since my 1st procedure and 1 since my 2nd,my hair continues to grow and is as permanent as can be.
Richard J May 28, 2014
yes, Result are permanent and organic.
Shahid May 24, 2014
Yes, I don’t see this hair going away anytime soon. I’d recommend to do something like rogain (minoxidil), propecia, or laser hair treatment to maintain your hair that was not transplanted. I would say spending $3000-$7000 is worth having hair for an additional 15+ years.
Cody B May 20, 2014
Yes they are permanent and very natural looking
Darren Green April 28, 2014
I haven’t lost any hair since having the procedure 7 months ago, and it is still growing in. It looks excellent and I can get it cut and styled anyway I want.
James B. February 7, 2014
The results are permanent. As they preformed my procedure, the Doctor made sure to fillin the areas that he anticipated lose in the future. My hair looks amazing…..
Rick O January 16, 2014
Yes, its permanent. But please make sure you follow the easy instructions for post op, which is crucial. You need to make sure the implanted hairs get grounded. So as long as you can sacrifice a little for a couple of days then you’re golden!
Nick December 3, 2013
My hair loss has stopped through the help of PAI. The staff will educate you on how to keep the hair that you still have.
Luke November 15, 2013
I certainly am not worried about my new hair going anywhere. It was explained to me why it will be permanent. When they pull the lid down on me I expect to have as much hair as I did in college.
Phil G November 6, 2013
I followed their instructions to the letter and have done the laser treatments as well. I am seeing great coverage at four months and have no concerns about whether or not it will be permanent. My biggest challenge is figuring out how to style all this new hair!
Mario September 26, 2013
Follow the program they ask you to. They know what they are talking about and its easy. Im doing a hair laser package which has rapidly sped up the new hair growth in the first 4 months post procedure. Highly recommended if you want results ASAP!
Andy August 29, 2013
I had the procedure just over 1 year ago. My hair continues to get thicker. Every day I use the products recommended to me by PAI, which have helped maintain and secure that growth. Other areas of my head have thinned a small amount, but I was not using the product correctly. The texture of my transplanted hair has grown back a little more coarse, but I was told this can happen initially and it will improve with time.
Preston L. June 24, 2013
It’s been just over a year and my hair is getting thicker and thicker. I am blown away by the results. Couldn’t be happier.
Tracy Thomas April 30, 2013
It’s been just over a year so this might be premature. However my hair seems to keep getting thicker. I enjoy using styling product in my hair again and not seeing my hair wash down the drain.
Jim Winders April 13, 2013
The transplanted hair will be permanent in its new transplanted area just as it would have been permanent in its original location. You will have the transplanted hair permanently. I had hair transplanted thirty years ago and it is still growing just fine. PAI is doing the Multi Unit Grafts which is much better, natural looking and pain free. They did my second transplant surgery and their procedure is the very best. I am four months post surgery and I have beautiful results already , with more hair growning and it will be permanent. You will get just what Darren tells you to expect.
Larry Y. February 21, 2013
My new hair is exactly the same as the rest of my hair. There is no difference. I can’t even tell a difference in what is the new hairs vs. the others! Case closed, it’s permanent, looks great and my confidence is up!
Shaun N February 7, 2013
It’s been over a year since my first major transplant, and four months since my second, less extensive surgery, and as far as I can tell, my grafted hairs are firmly rooted in my scalp and always will be.
Adam SchwartzDecember 25, 2012
@ “Jonathan T”….I am just over 2 years post op and yes the hair is permanent!! The PAI procedure is done in a way so to transplant right through existing hair that is prone to future loss that way giving a even natural look even if you loose the hair that wasn’t transplanted. One mistake I made was not going all the way to the crown in op 1. However PAI’s procedure is if they don’t get all the way to the back then what they do is gradually thin it out so it looks thinner and natural. Mine looks great and natural! Post op you might also try some things like minoxidil (I’m not a pill man) that will help the crown more so that, combined with the procedure, can help. No regrets here. Happy I did it everyday! Worth it
Jerad A. October 15, 2012
I’m now approximately 5 months after the procedure and the hairs all seem like they’ve been there forever. I see no signs of this not being permanent, and because they came from the back of my head they’ll be around longer than those that had been there previously.
Kevin August 13, 2012
This was a big concern of mine. I was afraid that my hair would end up thinning a out just like my original hair had. PAI walked me through why I had no need to worry about losing my transplanted hair again due to the DNA that naturally exists in the donor hair…and it’s true. My hair looks great and is all still there.
David August 10, 2012
I am 1 year in and I see no hair in the sink or shower.
Diane July 16, 2012
This is my second hair transplant procedure and first with PAI. The transplanted hair will become permanent, however, your existing hair has the potential of continued loss if you dont do something to keep that. So, you’ll be happy with the procedure for many years, just remember it alone won’t prevent future loss.
Steve July 3, 2012
The guys at PAI explained to me that the hair that is transplanted is going to be permanent. I am past a year after the procedure and my hair is looking great.
Jack Trudeau June 20, 2012
I am 24 months from my first procedure and I can attest that it is permenant! I am a 60’s guy. If I worried about my greyness I might be worried but I don’t worry about hair loss anymore!
Mark H June 20, 2012
My transplanted hair is much more stable than the rest of my scalp..
Mike McConnell May 3, 2012
So far so good!. Say something happened tomorrow and I didn’t make it. Then I could be adamant that, yes, the results are permanent and lasted the duration of my lifetime. My social life has picked up exponentially, but I wont let her touch my hair. That’s my hair. I bought it. Get your own Jezebel.
Matt B. December 12, 2011
I’m just over a year removed from my procedure. Everything appears completely permanent. I am not concerned about losing this hair at all.
Jason W December 1, 2011
Four months post op the results could not be more permanent. Before the procedure I would cut my hair and then watch it grow back however the thinning became more and more evident. Now imagine my excitement when I cut it now and watch it grow back darker and thicker than it was. No matter how much I cut it I know for a fact it’s growing back and there’s no better feeling than that!!!!!
Matt H. September 22, 2011
I am only 4 months after the procedure and my hair is just begining to become visible. I can see my new hairline and I’ve been assured that it’s permanent!
Mike McConnell August 18, 2011
I had my procedure performed 3 years ago, and the hair is still there and very full, it seemed to get gradually fuller over the first year.
John C June 29, 2011
My hair looks great – I’ve gotten lots of comments that you can’t tell it from my other hair. A permanent fix – glad I did it.
Todd June 6, 2011
I’m coming up on my PAI procedure one year anniversary. I’ve seen steady growth over the past months. It looks natural, it feels natural and it’s here to stay. What a great feeling.
J. Daniel March 29, 2011
It took a few months before you actually notice the results. I had the procedure about 10 months ago and now it is just unbelievable especially when you go back and see what it looked like before the procedure. The neat thing is that nobody at work or people I know said anything because the results were so gradual. Fantastic! Dr.Waesche is wonderful.
Mark H January 21, 2011
It has been almost 3 years and, it still looks great
Louise G. January 11, 2011
The results have been wonderful. I did have to find an excellent stylist though, because my old one didn’t know how to work with all this new hair! I did a level 12 a year ago and will be doing another level 12 soon again, but only because I want that “Hollywood” look with even more density and coverage. I recommend Darren and his staff any day!
Craig B December 31, 2010
The results look quite natural. Everyone that knows I had the procedure have told me that it looks great and natural. Most have not said anything other than you look great. Today I had my annual physical and the nurse repeated the phrase that “you look great.” Whatever you are doing, keep it up.
Larry December 30, 2010
It’s just like the rest of my ‘good’ hair. It’s been 2 years for me and I am very happy!
Rich December 30, 2010
The hair is as permanent as can be – love it. It’s not going any where! After over a year, I could not be any happier.
Todd December 28, 2010