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Question #3

How Natural Are The Results?

Today’s modern hair transplantation techniques are totally natural. The older “plug” or “corn row” type procedures are no longer commonplace. The key to a natural result is tailoring the procedure to the hair type and needs of the individual. In doing so, it is common to use a number of different graft types in any one procedure. The technology used at PAI, Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™, allows such a blend of graft types. This represents a huge jump forward from the cookie cutter approach and ensures a natural and aesthetically pleasing result. It’s also one reason PAI Medical is considered a hair growth and hair restoration expert.

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I love that my hair looks great, even when swimming.

Brian Deakins October 28, 2021

Very natural.

Gregg October 28, 2021

They look extremely natural to me, and anyone I tell about the procedure says they never would have guessed I had it done.

J.H. October 19, 2021

EXTREMLY! Very happy with the new restored hairline.

K.K. October 15, 2021

The results are very natural, and you can structure your hairline as it suits you best, working together with PAI professionals.

Rohil Daya July 24, 2021

Very natural hair line.

Tyler Ames June 23, 2021

Very few comments other than “your hair looks different” in a good way.

Joe Harter May 25, 2021

Very natural in fact you couldn’t tell that I had a procedure done.
Will Johnson May 4, 2021
Extremely natural. My hairline was completely reconstructed due to the advanced state of hair loss. My surgeon was able to very naturally replicate my hairline to such an extent that strangers can’t tell.

David Schrumpf April 27, 2021

I was amazed in the results. Hair was taken from back of head and graphs placed on top. Results were better than I thought.

Josh Mullins March 17, 2021

Very natural

Seth Puckett March 3, 2021

Seamless, nobody would suspect I had the procedure unless I told them.

Ryan Denney February 23, 2021

Absolutely natural… cannot see any differences.
C.W. February 18, 2021
My barber couldn’t tell! I never thought I would have been so pleased with the investment.
Kurt Vetters January 14, 2021
Perfectly natural – indistinguishable from your natural hair
A.W. June 26, 2020
I cannot tell that anything was done. Looks like my hair/hairstyle from when I was in my 20’s.
Dr. K.A.June 24, 2020
Incredibly natural look/results – suture line not even noticeable.

K.R. November 22, 2019

The results are fantastic. No one can tell it was transplanted unless I tell them!

Michael O’Hara November 5, 2019

Hair feels very natural like it did before my procedure.

Blake Elliott October 11, 2019

Very natural. No one has said it looks fake.
E.W.October 3, 2019
Maybe under a microscope, someone with experience could see a difference, but to the naked eye it looks 100% natural.

Darrin Danhauer October 2, 2019

I am completely satisfied and pleased with the result. My hair dresser calls me her chia pet.
Bill Lyons September 10, 2019
The results look extremely natural. They feel natural as well. I receive nothing but compliments.
Jeff Long September 9, 2019
Very – looking extremely natural, age-appropriate, and indistinguishable from what I would have had I not lost any hair…
Peter Bitar August 22, 2019
No one except staff and my family even know I had procedure done. They all assume my hair is its natural self.
MEO August 16, 2019
It looks just like it did before I started thinning.
J.W. August 14, 2019
Since the procedure, no one has asked if my hair is not real or fake… just comment how good it looks!
Nick Yonts June 28, 2019
Most people just think I grew my hair out because it looks really natural.
Steven Smith June 17, 2019
The results are great, very natural.
Allen C. February 20, 2019
The results are very natural. So natural that I referred a friend to have the procedure done as well. He was very impressed with my results.
J.K. January 29, 2019
Very natural – I feel great!
Kevin Link January 25, 2019
Completely natural looking. The hair line get close attention by gradually increasing the hair density. They gave me great advice as to where the hair line should be placed.
Tony M. January 14, 2019
My results have a very natural look and feel.
G.P. November 3, 2018
They look very natural.
B.J. October 10, 2018
Results are very natural. No one can tell the difference and the compliments on the hair are just extra 🙂
Jay P. September 29, 2018
The physician takes great care to ensure that the results look natural by starting with building a natural looking hairline. He then gives even coverage with great density.
Joe Bergen April 21, 2018
The results look completely natural. It gave me back my hair I had 30 years ago.

Steve M. April 4, 2018

I have been so impressed with how natural the results look. That was actually one of my biggest concerns prior to the procedure but the results are fantastic!

Jeff Williams April 3, 2018

Very natural. The hair did feel a little different as it started to grow in but is fine now. I did find it took a little while for me to learn how to style the hair again!
T.M.March 6, 2018
The transplanted hair is 100% my own, so the look and feel is all natural. In addition, the manner in which the hair is transplanted makes it impossible to tell that it was ever moved / replaced.

Dan Way March 2, 2018

The results are very natural. My hair line is basically identical to the way it was before i had hair loss.
James Canady March 1, 2018
100% natural. My hair looks like it did when i was 20! My staff at the clinic tell me to stop wearing my hair like it was when i was 20 but….its so much fun to be able to do what i want with my hair.
Jean-Paul Etienne January 5, 2018
Being 4 months post procedure, I am starting to see the new transplanted hair growing in. My new hairline looks very natural and the coverage moving back to my crown looks great so far.
Mike November 10, 2017
Very natural. I think everyone expects it to look like the old plug type procedure but its so natural looking.
Ken Sothman October 28, 2017
My results are very natural. My friends have noticed and comment that i look healthier and more vibrant.
Randy P.October 13, 2017
Completely natural. My friends only know i had it done because I told them all!
Ryan Hussy October 13, 2017
Natural looking results because the hairs are carefully placed to match the angle and pattern of existing hair. “Seamless” and natural results.
Karl Jerome August 31, 2017
It looks like I never lost my hair. I’ve had so many comments of ”Oh wow I didn’t know you had hair” or ”I really love your hair color!” Since they harvest it from you there is next to no chance of rejection and the doctors do such a wonderful job of sketching out a hair line that looks very natural for your individual face. You wash it, cut it, mess it up, color it, whatever it’s attached to you and looks great.
Ian August 19, 2017
My hair line was bought down and my results are completely natural. Even with my very dark hair no one can tell transplants from the hair that wasnt transplanted.
Ryan S. July 14, 2017
The hair i have is very natural because well, its my own hair.
Justin Anderson July 8, 2017
The ARTAS robotic gave me very natural FUE results. You cannot tell whats transplanted from what was already up there! Nothing like the older unnatural looking procedures id hear about.
John Ahalt June 17, 2017

Very. All my family and friends say it looks natural. They are as amazed as I am.

Tom Bakken June 15, 2017
The results are very natural. Before I had the procedure I was always under a baseball cap. Now I want people to see my hair. Very happy with my look!
DM February 10, 2017
The most crucial part in looking natural is the front hairline. The MUHG procedure offered by PAI has the most natural looking results that I’ve seen. Nobody even knows I’ve had a procedure!
J Brown January 23, 2017
The look is completely natural. When I tell people that I have had a hair transplant, they don’t even believe me. Those who have known me for a long time think it looks great!
Craig November 22, 2016
The results are completely natural. There are only two people that I have told that I had a transplant. One was my hairstylist. Should wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t told her!
Brian November 12, 2016
The transplanted hair is your own, so it blends naturally – color and texture. About three months post procedure is when I started to notice the results.
Andy October 26, 2016
Everything about the new look is totally natural looking since it is my own hair. PAI did a great job of counseling and laying out a plan so when my new multi grafts came in, I had the same look from 20 years prior which was what I wanted.
Rick Hesterberg October 22, 2016
Because the hair that is transplanted is your own hair, it looks just like the rest of my hair. When I see people that I have not in a long time, they see that my hair has gotten thicker and that it looks healthier than ever, but when I tell them that it was due to having a hair transplant, they are in disbelief because it looks so natural. The doctor at PAI is very talented and very cognoscente about following a natural hairline, which ensures this natural look.

Will August 10, 2016

The results after the procedure look the same as the original hair you have. It took about 4 months after the procedure for the transplanted hair to be at the length I keep my hair and it looks amazing.

Scott June 24, 2016

The results of the procedure look like your natural hair. However, you must remain patient during the first couple months of the procedure before the newly placed grafts will start to grow after which they will look totally natural.
Tanner June 16, 2016
This was one of my top questions as well before I had the procedure. Searching the internet didn’t help matters much because, let’s face it, you can find positive and negative about anything on the internet if you search long enough. I just put a little faith into PAI Indy and I am so glad that I did. Everything that Darren told me was 100% accurate and the results have exceeded my expectations in every way possible.
Jeff R June 1, 2016
No question, the results are natural and completely amazing. People have a hard time believing I was going bald before. I have so much pride and confidence in my appearance and only regret not starting the process sooner.
Sean March 9, 2016
Extremely natural. The hairline does not look like old plugs or a straight line. It ebbs and flows a bit like a normal hairline, and some of the transplants are placed into the existing hair to make for a seamless transition. Very well done, and I am very pleased.
Sam February 3, 2016
With an MUHG, you’ll utilize your own hair for the procedure. There is nothing more natural than that. With skilled precision your hair will be grafted from one spot to another seamlessly.
Justin January 27, 2016
It’s so natural and the reason is simple: It’s Your Hair! Most people do not know I had a procedure and prior to that, i had worn my hair really short. I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me to say how much better it looks!
Chris January 25, 2016
Though I’m only 3 months in, my results are already good enough that a barber did not notice a thing. PAI provides such a natural result that your friends and coworkers may never notice you had a procedure.
Greg Barrow January 2, 2016
The results are great. Once again, it has quite a bit to do with the quality of your donor site and amount of multi-unit grafts that you choose to do. For me, the results are awesome
Billy September 15, 2015
The results are very natural looking and no one can tell that I had the procedure done.
Cameron September 10, 2015
It looks completely natural! It’s your own hair, so nothing fake about it. They restored my hairline to where it used to be, making it a very natural look.
Erik April 10, 2015
As natural as it gets! I’m 12 months post op and the new hair flows right in with the still existing hair for a seamless look that no one can recognize.
Ryan March 18, 2015
Even at four months, my hairline looks natural. And it’s not done coming in. I’m excited to see where I’m at in a year.
Mike M. March 9, 2015
It is very natural; my new barber could not tell I had the procedure.
Dan February 11, 2015
I have seen many hair treatments in the past that didn’t look natural. This is natural because they are using my own hair. It doesn’t look fake at all!
Ryan Fields December 20, 2014
Though I was very up front with a lot of people about getting the procedure, those that did not know would have no idea I had hair restoration.The results look natural and because its my own growing hair.

Eric November 14, 2014

Amazing results! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thanks, PAI!

Nick H. November 12, 2014

The Dr did an awesome job on creating a perfect hair line which fits perfect for my face, to answer the question is YES
Jeff Youker October 28, 2014
The results look perfectly natural. I’m VERY satisfied.
Greg Hilliard September 6, 2014
It’s been a year now since I had the procedure… the results are amazing and look very natural. I cant get over how I look like im 10 years younger, its crazy!
Nick September 4, 2014
Only those that knew you were balding would ever notice (due to the thickness of hair) as it is as natural of a procedure and look as you could ask for. The results were as great as I hoped they would be.
Justin August 1, 2014
It is your hair so it is ALL natural. The look and feel are the way it is supposed to be and you don’t get any strange stares at the top of your head anymore. The results are amazing!
Jake J. June 18, 2014
Looks and feels completely natural,I am very pleased.
Richard J May 28, 2014
It has been 5 months since my surgery, and I look great. I am completely happy with the surgery and have had comments from others who are starting to go bald. I don’t get embarrassed when people notice and ask me. It just reminds me that it was a worth while investment.
Cody B May 20, 2014
The results are stunning, no one can tell I had anything done
Darren Green April 28, 2014
The results look absolutely natural, wet or dry! I went back to work the next week and NO ONE has ever noticed it. 🙂
Dave L. March 24, 2014
The results are incredible. When I tell people I had the procedure done, they think I am kidding because the results are so natural looking and there is no way to tell I had anything done. It is very nice to look back at pictures of myself when I didn’t have hair and to see myself now with hair. I look exactly like I did before I started loosing my hair.

James B. February 7, 2014

I had the procedure one year ago last month. The results where amazing. It looks natural, as well as the hair line. I had thought about having the procedure done for several years, and the only regret, I didn’t have it done sooner.
Rick O January 16, 2014
No one can tell that I had the procedure and to me it looks extremely natural… that was a big concern for me prior. Im glad I did it!
Nick December 3, 2013
My results look completely natural. Just the other day, my friend told me that she can’t believe how much hair I now have and that she would have never known I had this procedure.
Luke E November 20, 2013
It is natural because it is my natural hair. I have seen other procedures and they were like buying a bad wig. There is no comparison with what PAI can now do. Dr. Waesche has done over 4,000 procedures and knows how to artistically recreate your original look.
Phil G November 6, 2013
At four months the before and after photos are very telling. I have a natural looking hair line where there hasn’t been one for over a decade. My hair line does not look like a perfect arc (and shouldn’t). The best part for me is riding in the car with the top down and not worrying about a receding hair line anymore! I can’t wait to see the end result after a year.
Mario September 26, 2013
Dr Waesche did a great job on my transplant. I look like I did 5yrs ago already and i am only a few months post procedure. My results are completely natural and Im very happy with the amount of new hair I have coming in after just one procedure.
Andy August 29, 2013
I never told anyone but my wife that I was thinking about this procedure. So when I had it done I was sure people would ask about it – I wore a ball cap for about a week but once the post-surgery redness was gone I did not try to hide it and to my shock no one really asked me about it and over time the hair started to grow and it happened so gradual that by the time it all filled in no one ever asked. To date not one person has asked me if I had a hair procedure done but they sure comment on how great my hair looks these days.
MT August 16, 2013
Other than a better hair line, you cannot tell that the procedure had even been performed. My family and friends would have no idea, had I not told them, that I had a procedure done to restore my hair. So impressed with the results.
Preston L. June 24, 2013
The results are the real deal. I had my procedure done while I still had pretty good coverage and the close friends I told had no idea I had it done. Very natural!
Jay June 17, 2013
At five months post op, my grafts are growing in and blending well with my existing hair. I always had a high forehead, and Dr. Waesche was able to create a lower, natural looking hair line. I’ve almost forgotten what my old hairline used to look like.
Kathryn May 19, 2013
My biggest fear was the scar and the results not being natural and if anyone could tell I had transplant. The scar is virtually invisible and the results are completely natural.
Tracy Thomas April 30, 2013
People who I work after I had the procedure have no idea I have had a procedure done. My hair is now at a decent length and I have no traces of ever having done a hair transplant. I feel like I look like I want to look. How I looked when I was younger.
Jack C. March 15, 2013
I had the plug type of hair transplant surgery thirty years ago. I was lucky, I had a surgeon who did as good of a job as could be done with that type of procedure. The Multi Unit Grafts used at PAI is so far beyond the old procedures used , there is no comparison. Their doctor and his staff will do the transplant surgery in such an artistic manner that you or no one else will be able to tell the transplanted hair from your natural hair. I am four months post surgery, and I have hair all over my crown area which was totally without hair four months ago. It is growing in a completely natural swirl pattern and I can see the terrific skill it took to creat the beautiful natural look I am seeing. The procedure is painless and the result is fantastic.
Larry Y.February 21, 2013
I can’t tell what is new hair from the rest of my other hair. If I can’t tell than who can? There is absolutely no “plug” looks. You would never know I had it done unless I told you…or somehow you found old pics of me on Facebook(which I have deleted;-)
Shaun N February 7, 2013
It’s been over a year since my transplant and I can tell you the results are utterly natural. Dr. Waesche expertly drew a new hair line that was just right–neither too low so that it would look fake (as he told me, “We already have one Brad Pitt”), nor too high as not to have an effect. He made the hairline a bit asymmetrical, as does nature. Not a single person has suspected that I’ve had a transplant.
Adam Schwartz December 25, 2012
The results look natural, I let people take a very close look and they can’t tell the difference or see where they took the donor hair from.
Jim Colson December 22, 2012
It’s my own hair, so the the results are natural. Also, it does not look like plugs. I’m thrilled!
Muz October 8, 2012
I’m at the four month stage right now and I’m amazed at how real/natural my hair looks. I have used the laser comb on a consistent basis and I think that has helped with speeding the process of the hair growth (Dr. Waesche recommended). There is no way someone could tell that the front of my head was transplanted hair.
Scott October 3, 2012
You just can’t tell the difference between my natural hair and the grafts, so I’d say 100% natural looking. They do great work.
Kevin August 13, 2012
I can not believe how natural the results are. I have women run their hands through my hair all the time and can not tell that I had a procedure. The plastic surgeon did a fantastic job concealing the location were the transplanted hair was taken from. My mother is a registered nurse and she is amazed at how it is unnoticeable. Thank you so much PAI, you did a great job. Such a great job, I have schedule to get another thickening procedure later this year with PAI… Brian G.
Brian G August 13, 2012
The hair is as natural as possible…because it is your hair. The friends of mine that know I had the procedure are shocked at how great my hair looks. They can’t believe it is as natural and full as it is. That was exactly what I was looking for.
David August 10, 2012
Extremely natural. My first procedure with a competitor 5 years ago gave me a hair line with a “doll like” appearance. However, with the Multi-Unit hair grafts it was much more natural…very happy with the results.
Steve July 3, 2012
My friends think it is totally natural. A great example is I was at a Funeral and I saw some people I hadn’t seen in fifteen or twenty years. They said “god you look exactly the same as you did in college”!
Jack Trudeau June 20, 2012
Im now 24 months after first walking in the door at PAI and the results are still totally natural, the Dr and his team do an excellent job in making sure of that. I have told lots of peoople and they have a hard time believing it because it looks so natural. Everytime I get my haircut, my barber says how good my hair looks. I told him that I had this procedure. He cant believe it.
Mark H June 20, 2012
It is now 12 months since the procedure and the results look very natural. No plugs like the old procedures!
Mike McConnell May 3, 2012
I had one of the older procedures at a place out on the West Coast about 12 years ago and the result wasnt very natural, in fact it looked like plugs. PAI did their procedure with me and now I have a totally natural look. Thank you PAI!
James S. January 25, 2012
I can definitely feel the strength in my hair and it has grown like the hair I used to have. Overall, the results are very good and I enjoy the way Dr. Waesche and his team placed my new hair to match what I already had. The hair looks completely natural.

Tuhin S. January 10, 2012

The results look great and natural. My occupation has me often speaking in front of large groups of people so a natural look was important to me. I do have very dark hair so the process was planned to allow for that and to make sure that the most natural look, and maximum density, was achieved for my needs. I found that i had to be a little creative with styling as the new hairs started to grow in and it took a few hair cuts before the they had grown to their maximum….so be patient with those little saplings!
Scientist December 28, 2011
This was something that did concern me before I started the process. What I’ve realized is that people choose to style their hair in all kinds of ways and just because I don’t like that style, doesn’t mean its not natural. I’ve kept pretty much the same style that I’ve had through my adult life and my result looks 100% natural. After just 4-6 months I started to realize just how much hair I had lost before having this done because brushing my hair was taking less and less time. I didn’t need to brush hair over the thin parts anymore. There were no thin parts!
Jason W December 1, 2011
At four months the hair that is growing is completely natural. The reason is fairly simple….IT’S MY HAIR!!! These hairs are not plugs. They dont stand out like a sore thumb. It’s my hair and grows like my hair. Very early on people starting saying how good it looked!!! At just 4 months my self confidence is improving daily.
Matt H. September 22, 2011
Today I had my 1 year follow up appointment and my hairline looks so natural and I could not be happier about it. I had over 6500 hairs transplanted, all in one session, and it looks amazing! Thanks to Darren @PAI and Dr. Waesche for doing such a great job. Oh yeah, not to mention nobody at work has ever noticed, and that is saying something because I have been working there for 7 years now. I just took an extended weekend last summer, and yada yada yada (Seinfeld reference) , I have a full head of hair.
Ken W. August 30, 2011
My results are totally natural and even at 4 months i am elated with the progress. A look in the mirror is no longer a painful reminder of what I believed was beyond my control. I take great pride in the efforts I devote to maintaining sound health and a healthy physique. Weight training and nutrition has always allowed me to “control” my appearance, but I was so frustrated(depressed) that I seemed to be at the mercy of mother nature in regard to my hair loss. I am so thankful that PAI gave me the solution to this most distressing of issues.
Don D. August 29, 2011
I received approximately 6500 hairs in 1 procedure and it looks very natural. Very few have even noticed but those who do ask me why my hair looks thicker…
Mike McConnell August 18, 2011
I am nearly at 4 months after the transplant and already i have a lot of little hairs that are starting to grow and thicken up. They look just like my other hair except they are shorter and just in the early stages of their growth. Its very exciting to see the new hair!
Diane R. July 22, 2011
No one but my husband and hairdresser knew I had the procedure. My transplanted hair is completely natural and looks like it was there to begin with.
Kathy G July 7, 2011
It is impossible to see which hairs were transplanted and which were naturally there. No one has ever said anything or noticed anything different about my hair other than giving me compliments about it, it looks great!
John C June 29, 2011
Only 9 days removed from the procedure and the hair is already visible and looking great! My entire hairline was fixed and I got close to 4000 hairs. The results look completely natural and the speed of growth is eye popping! I did not expect these kind of visual results so fast and I have to say I am trully happy with the progress so far and can only look forward to fture results every single day I look at the mirror! This has been, hands down, a work of art.
A. Pierluissi May 5, 2011
The results are very natural. A lot of the time people recognize that something has changed but cannot pinpoint the exact change. I have been approached by numerous people telling me how good my hair looks, Some of these same people are those that cracked the bald jokes before I had my procedure completed.
John S March 25, 2011
I’ve got to agree with the posts above. I had this surgery done over 10 yrs ago and while it was good, today it is so much more refined. I’m post op 4 months and no one has even given me a second glance with my new hairline. I’m really excited to see my results and am looking forward to my 1 yr anniversary so I can see the final product. Couldn’t be happier. These guys really deliver.
Jason A March 20, 2011
Dr. Waesche is not only a doctor, he is an artist. I don’t think anyone could tell I had this procedure even if I told them. I am 10 months out and my barber comments everytime I get a cut how natural my hair looks. The main reason I chose PAI is because I was confident it was going to look natural and permenant.
Mark H January 21, 2011
It looks completely natural. When I tell anyone who doesn’t know I had it done, they can’t believe it!
Louise G.January 11, 2011
I am very happy with the results. It’s a night and day difference between my old hairline and my new one. Women think im 21 when I wear my hair spikey!
Craig B December 31, 2010
100% natural looking. I am 5 months post op and couldn’t be happier with the results so far. Dr. Waesche did an excellent job in placement and when fully mature I expect complete coverage that looks as natural as it was when it was there previously! As Rich said, it’s my hair and doesn’t look like plugs at all
Jerad A. December 31, 2010
My hairline looks so natural and I am so happy about. I got, in just in one session, about 3000 hairs transplanted! Thanks to PAI and Dr. Waesche for doing a good job.
Antonio Tiongco December 30, 2010
At three months post-op, I didn’t have to tie my long hair back anymore to cover up the spot! That’s how fast I saw results. Dr. Waesche did an excellent job of grafting the hairs so that they created a natural swirl pattern that looks completely normal. I am extremely pleased with my results.
Amran December 28, 2010