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Why Get a Second Hair Transplant?

before and after second procedure hair transplant

Michael Leepper is one of our clients who decided to have a second hair transplant procedure. Sometimes clients like to have more than one procedure to enhance the improvement they already experienced with their first hair transplant. With a second procedure, you can increase density, address a new area, or lower or broaden your hairline.

In Michael’s case, he got a second hair transplant in order to increase density in his frontal area. Below you’ll see the results we were able to achieve after Michael’s first and second Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ procedures. Typically the first hair transplant is going to give you the biggest cosmetic difference. In his first hair transplant, we were able to recreate his hairline and reframe his face. After the second hair transplant, you’ll notice the additional thickness in the hairline. It’s tougher to see the drastic difference when you’re simply transplanting for more thickness and volume. The biggest impact you’ll see from a second hair transplant is when you’re addressing a new area of hair loss.

To see all of Michael’s before and after photos, click below.

Michael Leepper

Class 3 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ - 2 Procedures

Another question we get is regarding what type of procedure is right for a second hair transplant. Whether your first hair transplant procedure was the Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ or ARTAS Robotic FUE, we can help determine which solution is best for your second procedure based on your goals. There are advantages to both procedures. To learn more, watch Darren explain the two procedures in the video below.

Watch the videos below to see more of our clients who had two hair transplant procedures.

Meet Some of our Thousands of Success Stories!

Kyler White

Class 3 - ARTAS Robotic FUE - 1 Procedure

Michael Wantz

Class 6 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ - 1 Procedure

Jonathan Jones

Class 4 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ - 1 Procedure

Lee Cornell

Class 5 - Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ - 1 Procedure

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Michael Leeper

Kyler White

Michael Wantz

Jonathan Jones

At the age of 12, Jonathan started to experience hair loss along the hairline. He was noticing that he had to have different hair styles or hair cut than the other kids that he grew up with. As he grew older he was ready to do something about his hair loss and gain that image that he had always wanted to have. See how the Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant procedure gave Jonathan his hair back.

Lee Cornell